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Kelsey snapped up from her desk, suddenly awake. A blank, errant post-it note was stuck to her cheek. Her hand still gripped a pen, the ink from which had trailed off the page during her hangover-induced slumber. She looked around, just to make sure nobody saw. Flicking her hair behind her shoulders, she straightened her dress in her seat and resumed scrawling out notes for the day's meeting. In the distance, in some faraway room, a faint but persistent pumping of compressed air could be heard, accompanied by a deep, almost mechanical coo of pleasure.


  • Moscow Muleskinner 08.05.12 @ 8:50pm

    Why does Michael sound like Eagle Man for Eagle Eye Insurance?

  • Larissa 07.06.12 @ 1:53pm

    YES to the doctor who comments.

  • Marina 04.15.12 @ 4:58am

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  • Lotus 12.05.10 @ 8:24pm

    Impressing Kelsey… he’s doing58 it right.

  • Dogma 12.03.10 @ 3:18am

    It because Bowties are cool.

  • MikeyBoy 12.02.10 @ 10:09pm

    I must be a radiator *puts on Bowtie* cus Im just getting warmed up

  • Larry M 12.02.10 @ 7:56pm

    So are fezzes.

  • The Doctor 12.02.10 @ 4:50pm

    Bow ties are cool.

  • anonygoose 12.02.10 @ 3:17pm

    this must be a restaurant ‘cus schaden *puts on sunglasses* just got served

  • Anonymouse 12.02.10 @ 1:34pm

    Looks like someone’s been66 feeling a little insecure about himself.

  • God of Schadenfreude 12.02.10 @ 11:49am

    When it comes to puns, it looks like I’ll have to *puts on sunglasses* bow out.

  • MikeyBoy 12.02.10 @ 9:24am

    looks like Kelsey’s mind *puts on sunglasses* is all tied up YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  • KBB 12.02.10 @ 7:46am

    What they don’t show you is how wet Kelsey is at the sight of that bowtie.

  • Broseidon, Lord of the Brocean 12.02.10 @ 2:19am

    Absolutely horribl-MAZING.

  • timdorr 12.02.10 @ 1:40am

    What’s the hardest thing about inflating a bow tie?

    My dick.

  • Anonymoose 12.02.10 @ 1:15am

    She looked impressed.
    Damn clowns get all the ladies.

  • Jacknife 12.02.10 @ 12:49am

    All girls appreciate a large Bowtie

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