Honky Tonk Amateur Hour

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Chorus: You're a four-legged gas burnin' bitch on wheels I take you in for a tune-up when you wear high heels For a brother-lover-master, I'm doin' pretty good But you're 14 mpg and you eat dog food


  • mkwisulkywm 12.01.16 @ 8:32pm

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  • saltless 08.25.14 @ 4:30am

    That was no minor chord. If you count his voice, it’s major.

  • me not u 03.14.13 @ 4:27pm

    i think of this every time i hear country music

  • TheDew 01.17.13 @ 3:04pm

    dat biiiich dat bich

  • EvIL EsKiMo 11.07.10 @ 1:04pm

    she sounds like my type57!

  • AllenZ 09.20.10 @ 1:20pm

    Please point me to the full recording of this amateur redneck jam. It’s got huge potential to be a hit at family reunions all across Mobile, Alabama.

  • Cavalcade 09.06.10 @ 8:52pm

    All I really noticed is that that guitar is a PRS. That’s one classy redneck.

  • beechcraft11 01.11.10 @ 7:29pm

    no, saying they’ll all the biggest bitches in the history of forever would be the epitome of hyperbole.

  • the one and only... 10.03.09 @ 6:18pm

    my wife, my truck, my dog, and my sister…

    isn’t that the epitome of hyperbole

  • john statham 08.31.09 @ 5:20pm

    im john fuckin statham, bitch

  • saf 05.21.09 @ 3:54pm

    your a douche bag

  • K.K. Ph.D 04.24.09 @ 1:02pm


  • nick k 02.05.09 @ 12:53pm

    anyone appreciate that he plays a minor chord? nice touch.

  • Jerms 01.18.09 @ 1:06am

    Haha saw the sites vids on cracked, love em ;D

  • Alan 01.17.09 @ 6:50pm

    LMAO.  Saw this on Cracked and LMAO at those too.

  • J Dubbs 01.15.09 @ 9:36pm

    i just had to take my hands out of my pants to keep myself safe

  • moog 01.15.09 @ 10:02am

    Such a philosophical redneck!

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