A Nation Forever Changed

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Fresh, scathing political humor, hot off the presses and incredibly topical. Just the way we completely hate it.


  • The Unoriginal 05.08.11 @ 12:58am

    If it was changed whenever a new president was elected, I would be okay with this.

  • J0Llamas 05.03.11 @ 11:55am

    i could see him do that

  • Kelly 03.19.10 @ 2:13pm

    Ha. Hadn’t seen Bush satire in a while now.

  • TheoryofConservativity 01.10.10 @ 3:34pm

    LUL!  As a conservative republican, this video was not only badass, but hilarious.

  • Snerg 10.15.09 @ 12:20pm

    Got an even funnier capcha code…... High32.
    I love jonkerry’s face though…“I will get you bush… “

  • the one and only... 10.10.09 @ 10:23am

    what up with creepy Kerry?

  • Uninvited guest to 4 year old's birthday party 08.28.09 @ 8:16pm

    Hah that was great

  • gabe339 08.23.09 @ 7:48pm

    Sure and score rhyme.

  • YAY 08.20.09 @ 7:52pm

    lol well he still beats Obama

  • kazhe 06.30.09 @ 3:12pm

    lol he would probably have done that given a few more years

  • somepartsareme 06.27.09 @ 7:31pm

    Thank god he’s down the river86

  • moog 06.03.09 @ 11:17pm

    Hahaha! I never noticed John Kerry peaking in the window! Classic!

  • William 03.15.09 @ 4:04pm

    SO glad he’s out

    WV: fine81.

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