Boyfriend Bootcamp

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The course cost $300 and you got to name your own squadron. Edifying though the weekend may have been, Ass-play Company still needed a lot of shaping up to do.


  • Tasgar 08.21.12 @ 8:26am

    With packing that much heat, I’m not surprised Jon can get his pants off that quickly

  • jermaine 08.03.12 @ 12:45pm


  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 7:52pm

    DAMN. Kelsey has an awesome corporal voice, and a sexy one at that! And Jesus, Jon is packing heat! I swear his crotch is going to burst at 00:05

  • mikeysnakes 10.28.11 @ 6:25pm

    trunk = ass

    joke explained.

  • Chris 09.18.11 @ 3:29am

    holy cheesus I had to watch it twice because of distracting bulge syndrome

  • theon 09.15.11 @ 4:26pm

    drugs sir lol

  • kara 08.14.11 @ 7:30pm

    will someone explain the trunk comment to me. somehow i don’t think “coz thats where you put the bodies” is what they meant.

  • sadfaec 07.29.11 @ 9:32pm

    wow brian

    nice package you got there~

  • Jake 07.29.11 @ 6:10pm

    Lol, first door. Trunk. Coz thats where you put the bodies. lol

  • nicole 07.29.11 @ 9:35am

    jon’s ballsack.

  • YES 07.25.11 @ 4:58pm

    Taps… to dat ass.

  • OD 07.23.11 @ 2:24pm

    Sorry but this sucked

  • Johnny Douchetah 07.23.11 @ 6:40am

    I can’t believe no one made a pun about drilling the drill instructor - sh*t, I just did. My final35 mistake…

  • Armman 07.22.11 @ 8:32pm

    I have seen too much of Jon…

  • Lobotomist 07.22.11 @ 8:18pm

    Huh…69 FB likes on this…

  • Earthbreaker 07.22.11 @ 5:14pm

    All I could see was ballsack

  • Fist-fan 07.22.11 @ 12:58pm

    as soon as this is up on youtube I’m making a gif of the fistbump

  • Ohgee 07.22.11 @ 12:56pm

    oh my dat bulge

  • zambo. 07.22.11 @ 11:56am

    And I agree with the Seal Man, epic 4-way brofist.

  • zambo. 07.22.11 @ 11:45am

    5 times the movie. 5 times the funny. great.

  • RawnJawn 07.22.11 @ 10:17am

    Checking out your drill instructor FTW

  • Neil 07.22.11 @ 9:14am

    Worley’s packing.

  • Thehudster 07.22.11 @ 8:01am

    Well that was…. ASININE HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HA!!!!

    *This Account has been banned.

  • SealMan87 07.22.11 @ 6:33am

    The four-man fist-bump is probably the most epic thing I’ve ever seen.

  • the one and only... 07.22.11 @ 4:37am

    @blob i think it’s “what is the first door you open on a date?” to which the response was “trunk, sir”

    paul’s finger-motion during the front ass thing had me literally lol’ing

  • Wererat2000 07.22.11 @ 3:48am

    jeez, what kind of moron wouldn’t know this already…
    *takes notes*

  • blob 07.22.11 @ 2:15am

    what did they say to: “what is the first thing you open on a date”?

  • OH MY GOD 07.22.11 @ 1:43am


  • Died alone... First? 07.22.11 @ 1:31am

    Died alone anyway.

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