Christmas Comes Back

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Even in our darkest times, there will be someone to light the way. This Christmas, Albino-Martyr SantaChrist is that someone.


  • Yuri909 12.16.11 @ 10:11pm

    I watch this like once a month and it still creeps me out. You need to do more like this.

  • code9 10.14.11 @ 10:12am

    santas a g

  • minetruly 05.05.11 @ 2:00pm

    Oh man, I’d completely forgotten about Powder. But this video brought it all back. Pun not intended.

  • The_Jelly_Donut 01.23.11 @ 1:46pm

    i thought santa died by blowing up the sun!

  • Joe 12.23.10 @ 8:04pm

    Powder is about an albino high school student who’s pretty much a human electro-magnet who attracts electricity, transfer pain stimuli, and acts as a human defibrillator.

  • Bob 12.21.10 @ 5:05pm

    is it not Xmen?

  • o__O 12.20.10 @ 10:15pm

    ...What did I just watch?
    I can see that reviving that reindeer is taking a lot of effort86

  • ZaftigGal 12.19.10 @ 6:55pm

    None of the last 6 videos are loading for me - Flash is updated & everything!  :(  I’ll trust y’all that they’re funny.

  • Ken 12.19.10 @ 11:46am

    How do i make this my text message tone???

  • M 12.19.10 @ 7:23am

    I thought it was “The Green Mile”

  • Grae 12.19.10 @ 1:20am

    Funny, but lose Vimeo.

  • Slightdiffusion 12.18.10 @ 10:38am

    it is a reference to powder, the scene with the dead deer….powder makes the asshole kids dad who is a hunter feel the pain of the dying deer.

  • YumYum 12.18.10 @ 1:07am

    No, no, no. Someone has been watching the most underrated HBO show of all time! Carnivale season 2, episode 7, minute 42, second 12… ok I don’t know but I recall a Carnivale episode that did this same scene with a very similar music piece.

  • wererat2000 12.17.10 @ 9:44pm

    so santa’s a necromancer?

  • Desvairada 12.17.10 @ 6:27pm

    I guess you could say the driver *puts on sunglasses* just became enlightened.

  • @mexa 12.17.10 @ 5:38pm

    but u did go to the trouble to right “i didnt have to ask” and i went to the trouble to tell you you didnt have to go to the trouble to tell him he saved you time.

    It’s black for me too. :(

  • mexA 12.17.10 @ 3:17pm

    Thanks, YOU LOSE.  You saved me the trouble of asking.

  • Ian 12.17.10 @ 3:13pm

    Santa Christ, Santa Christ
    We all love Santa Christ.

  • Amazed 12.17.10 @ 12:42pm

    This is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Charlie Klaus 12.17.10 @ 12:14pm

    now you kids stay out of that old Indian hear? Some things..are better off dead.

  • Imthereason03 12.17.10 @ 11:34am

    Not referencing to Powder are you?! GET OUT YOUR PARENTS HOUSE!!! You’re allowed to watch movies beyond a “G” rating…

  • D 12.17.10 @ 9:41am

    well done.

  • STALIN 12.17.10 @ 8:00am

    LOSE THE INTERNET:  it was a movie about this albino who had weird powers

    never saw it, but i remember the previews

  • Imthereason03 12.17.10 @ 7:47am

    The awesome “Hill Street Blues” music makes the scene!!!

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 12.17.10 @ 7:10am

    i’ll be that lame person who will ask the question, whats Powder?

  • C-Pain 12.17.10 @ 7:07am

    i cant view the video :( its all black :(

  • Herp 12.17.10 @ 6:41am

    No, see how Michael is twitching?
    That’s Powder.

  • DaveB 12.17.10 @ 6:25am

    I think that’s actually a StarMan joke, which predates Powder by like 20 years.

  • whoa 12.17.10 @ 5:24am

    was that a powder joke…
    attack37 from the past

  • Gooneryank 12.17.10 @ 5:13am

    Starman?  They made jeff Bridges 30 years younger for Tron, I’m sure they could make him Santa too.

  • Futtbucker 12.17.10 @ 4:51am

    I’m real scared, I shouldn’t have watched something like that this early in the morning…... he’s watching me.

  • the one and only... 12.17.10 @ 4:40am

    what, in albino-martyr santachrist’s name was that?

  • NaughtyBits 12.17.10 @ 3:31am

    This must be in an alternate timeline of “Powder”, where Jermey becomes a mall Santa

  • Derek 12.17.10 @ 3:23am


  • Vandroy 12.17.10 @ 3:06am

    what.. the.. fuck.
    i think im not going to enjoy my christmas this year46

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