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Our Mantle 4 Mantle contest is ON!! Win Maria's 5sf painting of Satan and Hypnotic Southern General by 1) Making your own piece of 5sf fan art that we can hang on our mantle, 2) taking a picture of it and tweeting us a picture at (with the hashtag #Mantle4Mantle, then 3) if you're selected to be in our Top 10 submissions, and the fans on Facebook vote yours to the top...then you send us your artwork (shipping paid for) and we'll send you ours!! The due date to send us your entries via twitter is December 1st! They must be sent to us by the end of that day, with the hashtag #Mantle4Mantle! Also, a shoutout is due towards the good people at the r/InternetAMA subreddit! We had a great time answering all your questions, and should the occasion ever arise again when people feel they truly haven't asked us everything they want to, we'd be obliged!


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