Face Stomptacular

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These were the early days of 5sf, when we were content with filming actual sleeping people and then suggesting via editing that Dalton was approaching to destroy them. Come to think of it, we're still pretty content with it.


  • Dead.juice 03.27.13 @ 7:39pm

    What’s with the pictures?
    So many friends, all over.

    I will never care.

  • Jay 04.28.11 @ 6:07pm

    Just wondering, what soundtrack did the first piece of music come from?

  • Carl Roland 01.09.11 @ 7:52am

    I don´t know why, but every time i see the first part, I laugh, a lot. It´s something with the music and Daltons smile.

  • Corpsegrinder 10.22.10 @ 12:16am

    HAMMER! SMASHED! FACEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shinsworth 05.19.10 @ 7:40am

    It’s the titles that do it for me. And the awesome sound effects.

  • Jordon 05.05.10 @ 11:18am

    Video contained epic lewtz of music. Sauce plz.

  • Joshua 01.29.10 @ 3:31pm

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I found this awesome. Especially the hammer one. Hearing the small ‘bam!’ at the end drives me nuts.

  • BlockJuice 10.31.09 @ 3:37pm

    Were these back in the days where you didn’t have video editing either?

  • daria 09.03.09 @ 6:04pm

    the hammer one aint that cool after uve seen 3 guys one hammer. ah man…

  • moog 05.20.09 @ 3:19pm

    I really wouldn’t count on it James.

  • James Holt 05.02.09 @ 8:08pm

    Wow - someone besides me has the soundtracks to Peacemaker and Speed, what are the odds!?!

    If it’s a girl, I’m proposing.

  • pussy monster 03.21.09 @ 3:56pm

    wow this really sucked…and that fag starring in it will prob. die a virgin

  • Danny 01.25.09 @ 8:02pm

    Not the funniest, but the music makes up for it (what are the clips of music, anyhow?).

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