Gentleman Caller

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She reached for the check, in an attempt to at least make up for the awkwardness that was more or less her fault. But then he insisted on paying, because of "all the medical bills" she must have been going through. She countered with a small laugh and an off-handed remark about "all the shit-tons of bills" that were "definitely piling up." Then came the silence. They wound up splitting the check and getting separate taxis that remained side-by-side in traffic for at least an hour.


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  • That One Guy 02.09.11 @ 4:23pm

    Gentleman Caller? What is this, The Glass Menagerie?

  • This is ... 01.11.11 @ 3:12pm

    Who? Oh…he’s, uh…been shot in the legs, had his arms burned off, his torso was frozen, and the rest of him fed to the tigers. But try calling back tomorrow.

  • Graeme 05.11.10 @ 5:10pm

    I have to watch some 5SFs like 3 times before I understand what is happening because I’m distracted by how good looking Kelsey is.

  • Gamecube 04.13.10 @ 7:25am

    no no nononono we are not doing the sunglasses thing again…. and olivia was using a tuy phone!!

  • stumpy4348 04.12.10 @ 11:08pm

    looks like olivia (puts on sunglasses) stiched things back togeter

  • dlffmfd 04.11.10 @ 10:42am

    fruitslam is like…suppressing liberal thought.

  • lolwut 04.09.10 @ 11:05am

    I’m in love with Kelsey’s eyes.

  • Marito Nacho 04.09.10 @ 10:48am

    @fawkes, that was hilarious. @sup..kev: wow go to the search bar at the top of the screen and type in fruitslam. And the prepare for the most wonderful time of your life.

  • The SuperestKev of All 04.09.10 @ 9:55am

    Shout out for Kelsey?? ABSOLUTELY! Kelsey AND Olivia are BOTH excellent!

    ...and uh, *reaches for brain* what is fruitslam anyway?

  • shogouki 04.09.10 @ 8:32am


  • The Puzzler 04.08.10 @ 10:46pm

    But we can just sew it back on!  Science!

  • Fawkes 04.08.10 @ 7:19pm

    It looks like this movie *removes head*


  • The OTHER Brian 04.08.10 @ 7:10pm

    Looks like no one *REMOVES sunglasses* realizes this joke is too old (see earlier comment)

  • Horation Caine 04.08.10 @ 6:06pm

    It looks like Rastamussen is *puts on sunglasses* losing his head.

  • Rastamussen 04.08.10 @ 3:52pm

    ok if the shitty comments with the *sunglasses* keeps going on herashio will find your bloody corpse in the river with keyboard keys dropping out both ends

  • luisoponce 04.08.10 @ 3:02pm

    I love you Kelsey.

  • Horation Caine 04.08.10 @ 1:43pm

    @Horatio Caine It looks like you, *reaches for sunglasses, realizes they are gone* Damn it, someone stole my name and my sunglasses?

  • The OTHER Brian 04.08.10 @ 1:30pm


  • The OTHER Brian 04.08.10 @ 1:29pm

    Comment: I like how Olivia looks in the first scene. The way she wears her hair is nice smile
    Query: Can we stop with the sunglasses thing, it was old in the Johnny Quickdeath film

  • FruSla 04.08.10 @ 12:12pm

    Ouch. I guess she drank a bit too much FRUIT SLAM!


  • Amalia 04.08.10 @ 12:06pm

    Speaking of Kelsey, I just saw her in an episode of Community singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Inane comment & whatnot.

  • xxemiliahxx 04.08.10 @ 12:00pm

    “y’know, science…”

  • SomeDude 04.08.10 @ 10:44am

    You can tell “Puts sunglasses on”, she is no Frankenstein.

  • obscurerreference 04.08.10 @ 10:00am

    Maybe he digs chicks with scars… simply33

  • Gamecube 04.08.10 @ 9:16am

    super funny!!!

  • Kevin 04.08.10 @ 8:40am

    No it ain’t.

  • Ian 04.08.10 @ 8:11am

    She’s decapitated!

    Also, the last like of the text, “separate taxis that remained side-by-side for an hour.” Is funny.

    Really, people don’t ever mention the text below the video, often it’s as funny as the video itself.

  • tay 04.08.10 @ 7:46am

    I agree JOE, kelsey is worthy of much love!

  • JOE 04.08.10 @ 6:32am

    since everyone always is talking about olivia, heres some love for kelsey.

  • AuronST 04.08.10 @ 5:56am

    That girl is really pretty when she gets dressed up, wait… not that she wasn’t before lol

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 04.08.10 @ 5:43am

    Well she could have have operated on herself. With her being the hot nurse in previous films.

  • Failed Punchline 04.08.10 @ 5:04am

    In touch with the ground
    I’m on the hunt I’m after you
    Smell like I sound I’m lost in a crowd.
    And I’m hungry like a creepy 5sf commenter.

  • The SuperestKev of all! 04.08.10 @ 4:55am

    Hahaha, and I just noticed the Frankenstein scars on her neck, BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA! Classic!

  • The SuperestKev of all! 04.08.10 @ 4:54am

    Actually, that’s their napkins on the plate goobs.
    Great shots on this one! Great job girls!

  • ME 04.08.10 @ 4:35am

    Just the WTF look… Priceless haha

  • YESyes 04.08.10 @ 4:28am


  • wererat2000 04.08.10 @ 3:25am

    wait. what?

  • the one and only... 04.08.10 @ 3:10am

    1. what kind of wine is that? (looks like apple juice)
    2. what are they eating? (looks like chocolate stepping stones)

  • Horatio Caine 04.08.10 @ 2:50am

    Who stole my sunglasses?

  • Jim 04.08.10 @ 1:48am

    lol it’s such an old joke, but i love it

    Sando seems pretty fascinated, too

  • JNAtheDUDE 04.08.10 @ 12:54am

    Looks like she’ll- *Puts on Sunglasses* -have the pig’s head. YEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH

  • lol furries 04.08.10 @ 12:18am

    Oh wow, I think she is wearing a wolfshirt. Bad ass mother effer

  • RF 04.07.10 @ 11:55pm

    Wait, is Olivia wearing a wolfshirt?

  • IcarusReloaded 04.07.10 @ 11:25pm

    Looks like I *puts on sunglasses* just missed an asshole with a rude comment. Noooo…...

  • Chich 04.07.10 @ 11:17pm

    Oh Science, what would we do without you.

  • Disrespecting Your Mother 04.07.10 @ 11:15pm

    Oh, they got rid of the previous comment. Whatever. Guy was a dick anyway.

  • Disrespecting Your Mother 04.07.10 @ 11:14pm

    Dude, really^^^
    Anyways, love the phone.

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