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Rose Swan and Eddie Dawson met in a malt shop just outside of Tuscaloosa on a Friday night in 1958. This is their story. It is fun.


  • fykjfdxol 12.05.16 @ 4:58pm

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  • TheDew 01.20.13 @ 4:28pm

    Someone is misusing the device from click…

  • Neobahamut0 03.26.12 @ 4:18pm

    The final E chord from A Day in the Life is what did it for me

  • wepwap 12.15.11 @ 8:10am

    Wait… isn’t that the final chord from A Day In The Life?

  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 8:41pm

    Wow, you can actually see all the individual scenes in this! The attention to detail you guys have is just astounding sometimes…

  • zambo. 11.04.11 @ 10:41am

    @Hich, funny you should mention “Up” which was released in May of 2009. If you look at the first comment, this 5sf came out in April 2009. Does 5sf have a mole on the inside at Pixar???

  • MagicalNipples 03.30.11 @ 1:01pm

    Ha.  Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson’s Ghost/Apple/Whoever currently owns the rights to the Beatles’ songs will sue for trillions of dollars and take over 5sf…  Bonerkill.

  • Your conscience 02.26.11 @ 6:20pm

    Probably a dumb question, but is there a way to watch this slowed down somewhere?  (like a program or something). I’d like to experience the sheer poetry of each scene, but it’s far too quick.

  • Hich 12.24.10 @ 4:45pm

    Cool of you guys to do a 5SF of the first ten minutes of “Up”.

  • MIke 12.12.10 @ 12:56am

    That was very fun

  • Mike 11.02.10 @ 9:54am

    Hey guys what was the piano chord at the end from? If only someone would write a comment about it…

  • Brody 10.03.10 @ 8:53am


    That was fun.

  • FrndlyMisanthrpe 09.03.10 @ 1:17pm

    Lol, they’re eating just one huge florette of broccoli.

  • Otcan 07.29.10 @ 4:26am

    NICE baby !!

  • David 07.29.10 @ 4:25am

    Ooo thats good !!!

  • JayJay 07.25.10 @ 11:28am

    So their son married them in disguise? PARADOX

  • JakemaniaNG 07.21.10 @ 4:57pm

    Hey its Jaboody Dubbs!

  • Arnster 07.15.10 @ 8:44am

    well, that was fun

  • BakedPotato 07.13.10 @ 6:34pm

    At one point a girl is just flicking you off. XD

  • edenjoy 07.10.10 @ 4:04pm

    Did anyone else notice, they’re eating broccoli and Clorox?

  • Solodude 06.29.10 @ 5:44pm

    That last second there there is a note struck i know its from a song, i cant remember for the life of me what it is

  • Michael 06.26.10 @ 11:37pm

    They should have let the video run for the next 40 seconds as the beatles intended

  • Derjafd 06.14.10 @ 9:54pm

    The sound at the end is the final note of A Day in a Life from the Beatles.  Which is really adequate

  • The Sentient Houseplant 05.20.10 @ 4:34pm

    It looked fun

  • BobBobman 04.23.10 @ 6:48pm

    So, he met her, went to war, came back, got married, had a kid, he cheated or she thought he did, they had a kid who graduated, she died, and now he’s alone and remanicing

  • Kushie 02.06.10 @ 7:06pm

    The end was the finishing chord of “Day in the Life” from the Beatles. Made the video infinitely more awesome. smile

  • John Anonymous 02.03.10 @ 12:37pm


  • cronin_burger 02.02.10 @ 8:18pm

    looked like woolthrop at the end there

  • MPowered 01.25.10 @ 7:59pm

    A table is set for three. Eddie, Rose, and a red gallon bottle of detergent. Each is rationed one large floret of broccoli.


  • MineTruly 01.24.10 @ 7:03pm

    I love how you guys can identify a Beatles song from a 0.2 second clip.

  • Matthew 12.30.09 @ 10:51am

    I appreciate the Beatles reference.

  • Kevin 11.18.09 @ 2:47pm

    Yup, still happy.

  • Kevin 10.12.09 @ 8:19pm

    I’m still happy with this.

  • Shady 08.29.09 @ 10:11pm

    There’s a blooper in this. He went to war before he got drafted.

  • FunkooZegoida 08.12.09 @ 7:47am

    It must be fun with that guy!

  • Doctor Robert 07.19.09 @ 3:12pm


    And that’s The Beatles, dipshits.

  • davis 06.24.09 @ 12:17pm

    sounds like the the start of Ocean Machines song Bastard

  • obeythepenguin 06.24.09 @ 5:52am

    So how long did it take to film this one?

  • the man living in your sink 06.12.09 @ 2:25pm

    i can lives fasters (goes thru life)
    see? nao i old 73 yeer old guy.. oops going into a stroke! asjzx;lg’mirb,.sty[5it893750pjfn;/kdf mbldfkugdkgfjhf
    ah… all better

  • Kate 06.07.09 @ 9:47pm

    A genuinely good film, with more depth than the usual.  Ya done good.  And it was fun.

  • defacid 05.28.09 @ 3:51pm

    The note is from “A Day in the Life” by The Beatles. I’ve heard that note many times listening to my Beatles folder on repeat for about 24 hours straight. raspberry

  • GRAEME 05.28.09 @ 3:05pm

    lol this stuff is funny.  whos the girl. shes great

  • Sprayette 05.25.09 @ 5:45pm

    You only lasted 5 seconds?

  • lobo 05.19.09 @ 12:47am

    quite possibly the best 5 seconds I’ve ever lived….next to losing my virginity…

  • Sylvain Racicot 05.17.09 @ 8:48pm

    Wow, lots of work in this one. Very touching. I cried a little when she died.

  • Slurve 05.14.09 @ 8:06pm

    The “note” as you guys are calling it sounds like the intro to Losing Touch by the Killers.

  • Glowing Face Man 05.11.09 @ 5:54pm

    There’s something deep and profound about this one…

  • Ellie 04.21.09 @ 6:02pm

    Hey! At the beginning when Eddie Dawson sits down at the table with Rose Swan, you can clearly see that Eddie is wearing skater shoes, even though it’s 1958.

    Back to the Future much?

  • Hich 04.20.09 @ 5:42am

    Kevin’s comment just made me laugh out loud.

  • Kevin 04.19.09 @ 9:30pm

    it’s so nice to see Wolthorp’s and Pendergrast’s mustaches again!
    especially in this economy…

  • Lore 04.17.09 @ 3:46pm


  • Don Yuda 04.17.09 @ 11:31am

    PA? Muse? I’m gonna slap you!

  • Kevin 04.17.09 @ 10:50am

    So he came back from Vietnam and became a hippy? The blond hair is Eddie’s right?

  • Kevin 04.17.09 @ 10:49am

    Note is the end of “A Day in the Life”
    It’s actually like 4 pianos

    That was great!
    especially the blond doctor

  • PA 04.17.09 @ 10:35am

    and im pretty sure i’ve heard that piano note at the end… maybe Muse?

  • PA 04.17.09 @ 10:34am

    How awesome was that!! Must have been the hardest 5sf to make ever! Congrats, guys, pretty funny!

  • vyxor 04.17.09 @ 9:40am

    buster keaton?

  • moog 04.17.09 @ 8:38am

    (slow clap)

  • J. Dubbs 04.17.09 @ 7:01am

    You know what’s funny? How Tuscaloosa looks in no way like Los Angeles.

    p.s., this is awesome.

    j. dubbs.

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