Masters of the Viewniverse

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This particular slide card never made much sense to him when he was a kid. But it's all coming back to him now.


  • dgxchdhlkb 12.02.16 @ 2:18pm

    PIeMay bimibnfjmejo, kyioojelxgte, [link=]myhqdvbufseh[/link],

  • TheDew 01.17.13 @ 2:41pm

    How did he saw the 2nd last pic if he was still using them?

  • Samantha 09.20.11 @ 7:22pm

    very funny indeed

  • Kevin B 04.15.11 @ 6:04am

    this could be a Stephen King adaption

  • Mortal Coil 12.21.10 @ 5:54am

    I love how final the final kuk-klink noise sounds. Very good. A+++

  • forgetmenow 11.04.10 @ 10:29am

    Best one ever, I can’t get enough

  • ModelOZX 07.12.10 @ 2:35am


    That… kinda freaked me out.

  • SpaceAgeFilms 06.02.10 @ 4:26pm

    I made an animated short film about a ViewMaster about 6 years ago, it’s on YouTube now:

    yours was well executed as well.  Kudos.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 05.24.10 @ 7:44pm

    Jesus christ that freaked me out.

  • cronin_burger 02.02.10 @ 8:53pm


  • poo 01.09.10 @ 10:54pm

    ahahaha yes

  • Jiibuss 12.16.09 @ 6:39pm

    I used to own one of those, but it just showed large expanding mushrooms, and people who lit them selves on fire because it was too cold out

  • flop 07.16.09 @ 10:38am

    lol YES!!!

  • ur FACE! 07.08.09 @ 2:01pm

    be afraid. be very afraid. coming to a wal-mart near you! :D

  • Chaz 07.03.09 @ 9:34pm

    omfg, that was the funniest thing since Otacon proclaimed “SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!”.

  • Glorge 05.23.09 @ 8:27pm

    I like that you got that distinctive Viewmaster “ph’tank!” noise. Good stuff. Kinda has an “Are You Afraid of the Dark” feel to it.

  • Truther 05.18.09 @ 9:27pm

    Taken from a CreepyPasta!

  • Herring! 03.16.09 @ 2:18pm


  • Parker 03.08.09 @ 12:47am

    I would give this ten stars if I could. Maybe the best 5SF on the site.

  • Monte Rousselet 01.01.09 @ 8:19pm

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you creative motherfucker i miss you :D fukin epic vid bro keep em coming :D

  • james 01.01.09 @ 3:03pm

    this one is awesome

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