Something About Steaks

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​ORIGINAL PROMPT: "What I had in mind was something like this: Indoor-Night, there's some people playing an intense game of poker, someone is about to raise a lot of money, but then another player at the table stops him just before he puts the money down and says "No, wait! The steaks are getting to high" and then you see 2 T-bones smoking a joint, they take a puff and say "Oh no, don't mind us, we're cool bro..."  You're free to change any part of this idea, the lines, the setting, whatever. My suggestion basically is just the play on words on "Stake/Steak", and "High" of course. If you like the poker/gambling thing you could change the ending by making the steaks really irritated by something a stoner would care about, and call off the game. It's up to you, I'm sure you can make the best of it all... Best wishes :D"


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