The Firing Squad

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A man is condemned to die, but are the executioners up to the task?


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  • Bizz Sjöblom 05.25.12 @ 5:26am

    Great video guys! Laughed my ass off, this film made really made my day.

    Did you shot this video in one day? There was really no difference in the lightning what I could see.

    Keep up the good work!


  • crist 05.25.12 @ 2:27am

    i was suppose to revolutionaize corn but i took a arr… bull.. Shoit in the knee. time 3

    thank you pre colonize !!! thanks

  • Ben Morris 05.24.12 @ 7:51am

    God I love his moustache.

  • k.hide 05.07.12 @ 2:07pm

    The fuck?
    Hope I ain’t gonna be executed by these guys..

  • Lars 04.25.12 @ 9:02am

    please do a sequel…

  • ted (totaly my real name) 04.25.12 @ 8:24am

    This was so god damn funny.

  • mr.awesome 04.23.12 @ 7:30am

    that was fucking awesome!

  • Ud the Imp 03.20.12 @ 7:44pm

    I bet this sorta thing actually DID happen in the past.

  • Chris H 01.18.12 @ 1:20pm

    This was done by WKUK first. Still funny, though.

  • zambo. 01.02.12 @ 7:36pm

    A farmer? Who ever heard of a fatalistic farmer.

  • Brian D 12.19.11 @ 11:37pm

    I used to be a farmer like you, then I took 3 bullets to the knees.

  • Desvairada 11.28.11 @ 8:18pm

    I now know the roman numerals for 2011.

  • Rick Dick 10.29.11 @ 9:46pm

    Awesome. Should be playing BF3 but goddamn.

  • Foole 10.27.11 @ 12:47pm

    I liked the cars and power lines in the background.

    oh and the movie was hysterical.

  • Person 10.24.11 @ 3:08pm

    Definitely expected the bullet in the air to fall back down and hit both the woman and the criminal in the head at the end.

  • imagminedmind 10.24.11 @ 12:23am

    I liked the part where they shot him

  • Jacknife 10.23.11 @ 9:39pm


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