The Great Bagel Debate

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​Larry continued to eat his sandwich from last Friday's 5-Second Film, "5SF: The Interview." He munched on it, savoring every bite, and washed it all down with a piping hot mug of cocoa. This was truly the best sandwich he ever had, even if the flavor profile was heightened psychologically by no longer having to interview those idiots at 5-Second Films, which unfortunately was preserved in digital form forever on his Hulu show Larry King Now, so that anyone could see it. Finally, he was down to his last savory bite, a mouth-watering blend of mayonnaise, mustard, oven-roasted turkey breast, freshly-baked ciabatta bread, crisp lettuce and ripe juicy tomato slices. He was satiated, and at peace with the universe. It was time to interview a giant talking bagel.


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