The Oscar Man

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The winners bound onstage. They hold their prize aloft. They speechify. Inevitably, someone says "Wow, I didn't think it would be this heavy!" And Jasper Spittingsworth sheds a tear, knowing full well how little Pepe struggled with weight issues in the workshop.


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  • cubemediatv 03.07.11 @ 12:02am

    nice video excellent work:)
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  • I'm 48 02.25.11 @ 5:40pm

    Up yours, Russo!

  • Ben Russo 02.25.11 @ 12:47pm

    so timely! Coinciding with the Oscars!

    PS: it sucks being47 :(

  • Matthew Perry 02.25.11 @ 12:44pm

    I get high88 on Brian’s body

  • Ian 02.25.11 @ 11:56am

    How often are we going to see Brian naked? Ass, crotch, chest… Brian must looooooove his body. Bet it looks great in the evening62.

  • Yes75 02.25.11 @ 10:20am

    Once Gulliver gained the trust of the Lilliputians, he went to work convincing them he was sent by God himself. The small minded folk, agreed that only through this activity71, would they stand a chance at making it to tiny Heaven. The Golden tongue of Gulliver would be their undoing.

  • NHP 02.25.11 @ 10:13am

    Somehow, I can see this being how they actually make Oscars

  • Mr. Obvious 02.25.11 @ 9:54am

    No, nobody deserves the little man and like him they are covered46 in gilt.

  • ME 02.25.11 @ 9:21am

    Ah, this must be an attempt to strike a karmic balance in Gender Fanservice.  I hope the scales are in balance, and we can move away from dude-skin back to babe-skin.

  • Matthew Perry 02.25.11 @ 8:45am

    Easily my favorite of the week. In fact it was so brilliant that it caused growth56 in my pants.

  • whoa 02.25.11 @ 8:19am

    this never happens! now twice late uploads.

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