5sf’s Comments of the Week 11/11 - 11/15

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​Buy Paul and Brian's Christmas rap album! http://music.5secondfilms.com All proceeds go towards the funding of our epic action short, THE LAST 5SF! This week's Vine Contest Keyword is BUMMER, in honor, of course, of the return of Bummer Week. You can make a sad one, or a sad/funny one, or just a Vine where someone screams the word "Bummer" into a dead man's ear. We don't mind. Remember to include the hashtag #5sfVine when you post! This week, we invent a new word for being married to all the husbands in the world, someone wants their Kickstarter money back, and it's Maria's last day at 5sf. Hey, it's starting to become a bummer already!


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