5sf’s Comments of the Week - 12/9 - 12/13

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Our friends at SMBC Theater are all set to debut their 40-minute plus magnum opus STARPOCALYPSE! A few 5sf faces (and voices) are in it as well! The first few minutes have been leaked already, but to preorder the rest you should go check it out at http://starpocalypse.vhx.tv! In this week's installment we are joined by Joe Rubinstein of Digital Bolex! Their awesome new 2K RAW camera has been the buzz of the digital camera world, and preorders begin today! Head over to http://www.digitalbolex.com. We shot a 5sf on their camera as well, so, y'know, that makes us one of the first groups to shoot with it. Kinda cool. Not bragging, but maybe we sort of are.


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