3D Food

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Far juicier than normal, boring 2D Food!


  • Cherub Cow 05.07.12 @ 8:21pm

    Is that Barbara Jane Reyes in the background? (yellow flannel)
    *That* would be unexpected. It better not be, that’s too obscure.

  • rhiga 05.06.12 @ 10:25am

    Could’ve used the Worst Hollywood Extra in this 5sf

  • evileekhoorn 05.06.12 @ 9:00am

    So you go to the cinema to watch the inside of a fridge, only to find out that it’s a real fridge and that your whole existence was a lie?

    Sounds like a movie Stephen Spielberg could create

  • Nicole 05.04.12 @ 10:25pm

    Audience members FTW! :D

  • Emmanuel 05.04.12 @ 9:07pm


  • Adria_Penguin 05.04.12 @ 3:23pm

    At first I found it kinda funny. Then I analyzed it back in my mind, and found out that the amount of fun in an 5sf is proportional to Mike’s suffering appearing in it.

    Your death is god damn fun.

  • Acebals 05.04.12 @ 7:45am

    Guy behind Mike:  worst extra in hollywood.

  • Nick 05.03.12 @ 6:50pm

    I gotta hand it to the guy sitting behind Mike in the still. I could never be that calm if there was a giant hand hovering over me…

  • Dick Steel 05.03.12 @ 6:25pm

    Aww, you always die first.

  • ibs2pid 05.03.12 @ 11:04am

    Bet that isn’t the first guy to be in his mouth.


  • tstitan 05.03.12 @ 10:23am

    3D Glasses! Not only does they make your food pop out at you, they turn your fridge into a tiny, tiny lecture hall filled with bite-sized college kids! I totally want those glasses.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 05.03.12 @ 10:10am

    @kalvynevans: When was the last time you’ve bitten into a fresh Rousselet?

    /I give this video four NOMS

  • drjusmar 05.03.12 @ 8:04am


    He was supposed to die first…

  • 5dollarfootlong 05.03.12 @ 6:35am

    The black guy in front is not impressed. Probably just pissed it wasn’t Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes Cannibal.

  • Sandwich 05.03.12 @ 3:59am

    If only that’s how it worked.

  • Bb 05.03.12 @ 3:18am

    isn’t this the 25th time Michael have been killed in a 5sf? Anyway looking forward to the next time you kill him, love your vids.

  • kalvynevans 05.03.12 @ 12:40am

    Is this a reference to 5SF eating it’s own lost video?

  • kalvynevans 05.03.12 @ 12:32am

    Dude, who taught you how to eat? I don’t get near that bloody when I eat my audience, and mine aren’t fun sized, like yours.

  • Matt 05.03.12 @ 12:08am

    That’s the kind of movie I want to go see.

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