5SF Rises

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A fire will rise. So will IMAX ticket prices.


  • fjxbjtid 11.30.16 @ 4:45pm

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  • Lizbot 10.16.12 @ 9:19am

    Love the beer mask

  • Bok 08.03.12 @ 3:07pm

    Don… uh…


    Only the last one was really funny…

  • kalvynevans 07.19.12 @ 3:06pm

    How did they achieve the blowing up of the golf course? That looks very real.

  • Maza 07.17.12 @ 1:45pm

    How could Kelsey cat and pervert be in batman and the avengers that’s crossing over between companies c’mon 5sf follow the cannon

  • harshmellowz 07.17.12 @ 6:58am

    But they were funny Sminkle, they were always funny. Most of the time anyway.

  • Here's the thing,... 07.17.12 @ 3:42am

    “When Chico County is ashes,...you have my permission to cum.”

  • Crindy 07.17.12 @ 1:19am

    The vid is JUST like the Dark Knight trilogy. You were really good a while ago and everyone was super into you and then my attention started to fade, maybe started to forget about you a little bit. And then “I hate golf, get outta here, golf!” happened, and now I’m up at midnight waiting in line in a stupid costume just so I can see the next 5sf.

  • Shenanigans! 07.16.12 @ 11:37pm

    Wait wait wait. Since when could Kelsey Cat speak English?

  • padurn 07.16.12 @ 5:32pm

    This was worth the wait - even though I didn’t know I was waiting for anything.

  • FriendsWithoutBenefits 07.16.12 @ 4:39pm

    Whoops. Just saw the comment about the music. My bad.

  • FriendsWithoutBenefits 07.16.12 @ 4:39pm

    Awesome video. For some reason I did not expect a parody of “Dark Knight Rises,” even after the “Avengers” parody back in May.

    What is the music that was used for this?

  • SamuraiPirate88 07.16.12 @ 4:30pm

    Haha that was awesome!! This is my first comment on the 5sf website! Horray for me! Somebody give me a pat on the back?

  • Mels Bells 07.16.12 @ 3:29pm

    I’d Fuck you Mr. Pervert!!!

    I give this one 10 DOUBLE mustaches!

  • raffnav1 07.16.12 @ 2:53pm

    Pretty funny video!
    Do the Amazing 5sf next!

  • p guy 07.16.12 @ 2:00pm

    i made the music! glad you liked it!

  • kingofchico 07.16.12 @ 1:27pm

    here we gooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  • zambo. 07.16.12 @ 11:16am

    If you make yourself more than just a comedian, if you devote yourself to a daily format, then you become something else entirely… a meme, Mr. Pervert.

  • DerVikingTron 07.16.12 @ 11:14am

    This was the video I needed. But not the video I deserved…

  • Brain's little brother that got lost and then made 07.16.12 @ 10:32am

    Loved the video

  • Bradanuva 07.16.12 @ 10:16am

    Officer Sminkle!!!

  • RainyTaxi 07.16.12 @ 10:01am

    Anyone know what is that music?

  • Jess 07.16.12 @ 9:46am

    Vacation pictures? Couldn’t he have settled on the less horrifying punishment of waterboarding?

  • Dick Steel 07.16.12 @ 9:32am

    I would get in a mustach with a stranger.

  • BMDNERD 07.16.12 @ 9:19am

    Chico, Renegade Pervert, Bane, Catwoman, mustaches? You guys did not hold back.

  • Matchstickman 07.16.12 @ 9:06am

    I never thought about it before but where else would the pervert protect than Chico?

    I was not expecting a Dark Knight parody but I should have been. Kudos 5SF

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 07.16.12 @ 8:36am

    Forget his face… Is that a Diet Coke or Budweiser can?

    /I give this video 4 Thumbs up the Penguin’s butt
    //Because Renegade Pervert

  • AwesomeDood 07.16.12 @ 7:02am

    Catwoman wasn’t Kelsey Cat? I am disappointment. Actually, I just wanted an excuse to see Kelsey Cat again.

  • Ibetthiswontgoonyoutube 07.16.12 @ 6:05am

    Pauly P, why man? Why? Thumbs up if you hear me!

    I give this 5 renegade perverts and 1 chico officer of the lawwwwwwwwwww

  • Bryan Fur N Z 07.16.12 @ 5:35am

    Exactly what was that on Pauly P’s face?? Also, yes to all of it.

  • Moscow Muleskinner 07.16.12 @ 3:06am

    Man, the fallout that Pauly P had with his parents after the Pet Pemporium went under really messed him up.

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