5sf Gets an Intern

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Next time they hire someone, they better go through me first. I at least want to the see the resume, so we know what kind of person we're burying in the backyard.


  • Mr guy 04.18.11 @ 5:22pm

    I wonder if there is any evidence97 to how the intern died

  • Desvairada 03.20.11 @ 11:29am

    Make that three.

  • EviL EsKiMo 12.31.10 @ 3:47pm

    ohhh the things18 you do for a laugh! :D

  • Morpheus 12.22.10 @ 11:05pm

    Where’s that kid with my latte?!

  • otewpt 12.15.10 @ 8:05pm

    @Commander Shepherd ME2 BEST game ever

  • Camille Carrington 12.14.10 @ 6:27pm

    You need to get that lowly intern into a cheap hospital bed72 so he’ll be reminded of his place in the 5SF clan.

  • Aderas 12.13.10 @ 11:21pm

    By god. The Captcha code jokes and the Sunglasses meme have joined forces. It has gone too far39.

  • Name45 Witheld 12.13.10 @ 11:59am

    looks like a professional hit89 guys. It could be, *put’s on sunglasses* The Internminator.

  • vigorous anal sex 12.13.10 @ 9:15am

    Gross. Get a plain espresso, like a real man.

  • Commander Shepherd 12.13.10 @ 8:01am

    I’m Commander Shepherd, and this is my favorite store on the Citadel.

  • Dave 12.13.10 @ 7:29am

    Well, at least they got a good quality44 intern.

  • Matchstickman 12.13.10 @ 6:28am

    Wait. So you’re all standing around drinking beers and you want a latte?

  • Witty! ... NOT! 12.13.10 @ 3:33am

    I wonder if those lattes will ever get served86…

  • Jathrax 12.13.10 @ 12:53am

    For the life of me, I can’t figure out who says, “Me too.” Closing the doors might be a good idea as well. Aren’t you guys already being hounded by the public51 watch?

  • deaner 12.13.10 @ 12:41am


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