5sf Joke Pitch #734

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Dear Michael: This is the 5sf Joke Approval Committee. We wanted to write to congratulate you on the acceptance of your new joke, "I shoot myself through the skull and let loose a post-mortem fart in a pool of my own blood!" We are sure it will be an excellent addition to the archives, and look forward to future contributions from you. Sincerely, Brian Firenzi.


  • Bournemouth finance | Mortgage Advice Poole 03.03.14 @ 4:07am

    The deep you dig into the topic and endow with us the perfect knowledge is appreciable.

  • Boner in a strip club 03.27.12 @ 7:31pm

    Does somebody have a poopie? Nope, you’re good!

  • no one 02.04.11 @ 3:08pm

    He must have used the fake blood he had to “buy”

  • Matthew Perry 02.02.11 @ 7:20pm

    Suicide and fart jokes all within five seconds? These are dark47 times.

  • Lol 02.02.11 @ 7:15pm

    I love how Brian seems disappointed with the fart joke and then… BAM!! Approval!

  • Spodie 02.02.11 @ 5:41pm

    Yay Detfilms!!

  • Cloven 02.02.11 @ 4:56pm

    that was just his bowels voiding themselves after death

  • That One Guy 02.02.11 @ 4:52pm

    Fart Joke? *puts on sunglasses* YYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! (the way Brian does it)

  • dogma 02.02.11 @ 4:35pm

    Sounds like that one will
    knock ‘em dead29.

  • ts 02.02.11 @ 1:34pm

    I was hoping instead for two days in a row WITHOUT Rousselet killing or harming himself as a punchline.

    Take my wife88.  Please.

  • TAGER 02.02.11 @ 11:11am

    You’ve gotta admit, that was a heck of a sales22 pitch.

  • Don't know what your deal is doug, I just don't 02.02.11 @ 11:09am

    Looks like he and Brian *places Glock in mouth* love to “shoot the shit”....YEAAAAAAAAAAA*BLAM!*....(Thud)........

  • Floppy Catfish 02.02.11 @ 11:08am

    Well… it is his face.

  • failed punchline 02.02.11 @ 9:34am

    brian makes the same face49 in Choose Your Own Adventure.

  • Eric 02.02.11 @ 8:51am

    How many times has he been shot in the head so far (and miraculously recovered)?

  • C-Pain 02.02.11 @ 7:22am

    Bada ba da daaaaa.

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 02.02.11 @ 6:51am

    well whatever works75

  • ME 02.02.11 @ 5:25am

    Good thing that Michael made his contribution quota on blood.  It came in just in the nick of time.

  • yair 02.02.11 @ 2:19am

    one of your very best guys smile

  • Stop killing yourself rousellette 02.02.11 @ 1:45am

    dont die you keep dieing you can only die som any times rouselette DONT LET THEM GET YOU IN THE HOURS71 OF TNE NIGHT

  • Matchstickman 02.02.11 @ 1:40am

    Never62 was so much laughter owed by so many to Michael’s ass.

    Love the colour-y special effect, I bet Brian gets a lot of use out of it when answering everyday questions in the affirmative.

  • NGTV1 02.02.11 @ 1:31am

    Ah, the humor of flatulence

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