5th Street Blues

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And that Rolex had just 36-48 hours until retirement, too.


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  • TDog 11.07.13 @ 10:05am

    Lol’d @ the watch ad in the corner.

  • TheDew 01.20.13 @ 4:47pm

    Dying people can be so creedy….

  • padurn 08.30.12 @ 9:33pm

    I forgot about this gem!

  • Jeremy 12.16.11 @ 9:06am

    @DocBrack GTFO and dont come back

  • Southampton Locksmiths 08.30.11 @ 8:58am

    Awesome stuff, was really impressed.

  • TDog 08.25.11 @ 11:14pm

    Men Without Hats.
    Or watches, for that matter.

  • SputNik 10.23.10 @ 2:31am

    the king of puns has punned

  • merryxmas 08.06.10 @ 10:18am

    You can die if you want to;
    You can leave your friend behind;

  • dev 08.03.10 @ 8:50pm

    michael makes a pretty good lookin cop.

  • A None 05.17.10 @ 10:36pm

    Is that the intro to Safety Dance?

  • Bunnee 01.28.10 @ 2:48pm

    lets hope he didn’t get blood in it or anything, it would be a b**ch to clean out.

  • J MAN 01.16.10 @ 1:02pm

    He’s already dead, he wasn’t moving or breathing

  • the one and only... 10.05.09 @ 3:44am

    would have been better with a swatch

  • DUDEE-ETTE 08.26.09 @ 12:02pm

    damn cops…they have no heart. I mean why was he wearing that watch?

  • anonymous 07.22.09 @ 9:16am

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  • boourns 07.11.09 @ 7:23pm

    @DocBrack. Oh come on, what are you the boyfriend of the author of cyanide and happiness? This is different and WAAAYYY better.  Besides a pun is a pun is a pun.

  • Morpheus 06.22.09 @ 4:49am

    Oh, man. That’s just too damn good!

  • Asianboi 06.18.09 @ 10:23am

    that was hilarious
    amazing pun

  • thenation 06.02.09 @ 8:40am

    It’s hard enough to stay alive as a cop, much less one who wears a homemade pink bracelet.

  • DocBrack 05.30.09 @ 8:44am

    Another that was done already by C+H.

  • Amnesiac 05.27.09 @ 2:02pm

    something like this should’ve been in police squad!

  • farrand 05.27.09 @ 12:09pm

    hey, isn’t that the same alley where the homeless man shot himself in front of those poor children?

  • Skyler 05.27.09 @ 11:04am

    Brilliant…I love it.  Dig the new layout too.

  • Barbara 05.26.09 @ 5:40pm

    haha, this is just brilliant. i love it.

  • kelsey 05.25.09 @ 11:34pm

    hahah… holy shit, my no heart is happy!

  • Felix 05.25.09 @ 9:59pm

    What an insensitive prick. That watch could have been ruined.

  • Ellie 05.25.09 @ 6:35pm

    If more cop shows on TV were like this…I’m pretty sure I would watch more of them

  • charliewilson 05.25.09 @ 12:04pm


  • flystatic 05.25.09 @ 11:54am

    he hid the watch… up his ass

  • BROOKE 05.25.09 @ 9:56am

    its true that watch is fucking expensive… thank you grandpa!!!!

  • tricky pete 05.25.09 @ 9:18am

    Kind of a warped movie to post for Memorial Day… Oh well, where are the cheeseburgers?

  • Z 05.25.09 @ 7:46am

    jesus that was amazing

  • PA 05.25.09 @ 2:07am

    shit, what an asshole… such a good watch.

  • Chris 05.25.09 @ 12:01am

    Too perfect.

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