90’s Brian

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In this episode, Brian deals with his daddy issues, Rousselet gets in deep with "smack," somebody is probably banging a hot teacher, and Olivia somehow moves into her own swanky beachside place, emancipated from her parents, at the age of 16. Don't ask questions.


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  • Austin 10.08.12 @ 4:26am

    Gotta love the cover of “I Don’t Wanna Wait” by Paula Cole. Lol wish there was a download of it

  • Katja 04.14.12 @ 6:52pm

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  • Man Solo 03.19.12 @ 3:01am

    Must. Have. Chicken. Shirt.

  • Craig 03.06.12 @ 9:40am

    I think I watch this video at least once a day. Best 5sf and maybe best video on the internet.

  • padurn 12.26.11 @ 1:05am

    Michael’s shirt makes more sense after watching Special Report.

  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 8:27pm

    ...I wanna see Brian and 90`s Brian make out.

  • shank1020 10.29.11 @ 8:10pm


  • Sean 07.31.11 @ 10:59pm

    Anybody else wondering what Mike’s shirt means? Its not like it prevents me from enjoying the film but as soon as I noticed that I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

  • KK Ph.D 02.02.11 @ 4:36am

    Brillz. Rouss, is that you singing?

  • TheONLYchuck 01.19.11 @ 11:20pm

    where can i illegally download that backtrack? ill just masturbate until52 i get an answer

  • Eric 01.19.11 @ 7:37pm

    The music and hair toss totally sell this one.

  • OneRandomEncounter 01.18.11 @ 8:05pm

    damn the 90’s sucked

  • Martial Heart 01.18.11 @ 5:40pm

    This is working21

  • cronk 01.18.11 @ 12:05pm

    well, Big A, with the magic of editting, you can change the order of events!  brian could (in theory) film the END scene, go get a haircut, and then film the OPENING scene. see97? it’s hollywood magic at its finest!

  • Big A 01.18.11 @ 11:11am

    Does Brian possess the power to make his hair grow from scene to scene?

  • Curtis 01.18.11 @ 9:07am

    God this is funny…

  • onReload 01.18.11 @ 9:00am

    who the fuck did the vocals i can’t stop laughing

  • 5sf Intern 01.17.11 @ 11:46pm


  • cronk 01.17.11 @ 4:44pm

    i suspect an after/before haircut picture… mayhaps a haircut-of-shame after some ribbing from the others?

  • ellk 01.17.11 @ 4:12pm

    did u get like free food from groupon or something????

  • the one and only... 01.17.11 @ 3:49pm

    so, how did brian grow his hair so fast?

  • Chris 01.17.11 @ 1:43pm

    “Someone is probably banging a hot teacher”


    Also, kinda ironic that my captcha is “modern66”

  • Slim Jim 01.17.11 @ 1:38pm

    It’s the longboard from The Changeling!

  • Hello, hooray! 01.17.11 @ 11:44am

    he should’ve cut short the lower half of his hair, because, you know, like, nobody GETS him, you know?

  • rainbowbarf 01.17.11 @ 11:28am

    say nope to dope, and ugg to drugs Mr. Better Than….facepalm.

  • better than rainbowbarf 01.17.11 @ 10:14am

    I wan’t to go carve some hills, jam in my garage band, smoke some fat joints with 90s Brian. (Weed goes perfect with anything!)

  • rainbowbarf 01.17.11 @ 10:03am

    I wanna charge99 some hills with nineties Brian. Then trade Swatch bands while listening to the new Temple of the Dog album, and watching Thrashin’.

  • ibs2pid 01.17.11 @ 9:30am

    I didn’t want this film to end…..

  • Jake Cunnane 01.17.11 @ 9:08am

    Best one in so long.  Loved that they even screwed with the song.

  • Dominator258 01.17.11 @ 8:42am


  • bacon 01.17.11 @ 7:06am

    Looks like the boys27 are going through some tough times

  • irot9791 01.17.11 @ 6:47am

    Dude 90’s Brian is totally awesome

  • BigSoph 01.17.11 @ 4:13am

    n’i'n’e't’i'es Brian rules

  • ted 01.17.11 @ 3:47am


  • Punk Tuate 01.17.11 @ 2:29am

    There is no apostrophe required in possessive numbers AAAAARRRGH

  • wererat 01.17.11 @ 1:50am

    this seems kinda stolen from linkara’s 90’s kid.

  • cronk 01.17.11 @ 12:34am

    inspiration so brilliant it must be divine: the use of miss piggy for the “i don’t want to wait” cover

  • C-Pain 01.17.11 @ 12:33am

    hhey hey!

  • carbine125 01.17.11 @ 12:17am

    First for the first time! Good video

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