A Real Found Footage Horror Movie

Last Film Last Film
Ah, but putting down the camera precludes you from spawning a $600 million blockbuster horror franchise, with a new installment every October. Should your friends die, or should you go broke trying to be a filmmaker? I think your friends would want you to be happy and successful.


  • Apes_Of_Space 10.15.13 @ 8:20pm

    @Pastor_of_Muppets: Fapping zombies, dafuq?

  • Ace 11.08.12 @ 7:21pm

    Isn’t it kinda ironic since Olivia’s semi recent film role was in yet another handy-cam horror movie?

  • kalvynevans 11.02.12 @ 11:54pm

    Right at the end, there is a hand, coming back around the corner…

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 11.02.12 @ 9:31am

    Still a better love story than Twilight

    /the dead horse, I beat it
    //I give this video three naked fapping zombies

  • petsinwinter 11.02.12 @ 1:57am

    where is the friday film?

  • kalvynevans 11.02.12 @ 1:30am

    It’s Gorlac. You’d think Olivia would recognize him, they’ve been dating for a few years now.

  • Cherub Cow 11.01.12 @ 3:07pm

    No! Don’t put the camera down!! Kill it by zooming in and out, then wipe the fake blood off the lens and keep filming. That’s more true to life or something

  • blackle 11.01.12 @ 2:23pm

    @Gfrom703 chains as knuckles

  • Gfrom703 11.01.12 @ 12:12pm

    Wouldn’t you know it, someone would bring chains to a melee weapons fight.  For shame!

  • Here's the thing,... 11.01.12 @ 7:15am

    I notice they’ve started making themed title spots for the films. I like it !D

    I fear they’ve made more work for themselves though.

  • 5dollarfootlong 11.01.12 @ 7:13am

    I really enjoy how Kelsey is gripping that wood.

  • PowerGlove 11.01.12 @ 6:31am

    Is it just me or did Keir O’Donnell kinda give a “Weird Al” face and tone at the end there?

  • padurn 11.01.12 @ 5:42am

    You could kill monsters but VHS will never fucking die.

  • bigsoph 11.01.12 @ 5:05am

    It was actually old man Jenkins in a mask. All three kids did a dime in Wentworth for murdering him

  • Minnie 11.01.12 @ 4:01am

    Olivia’s scream….

  • Fiddler 11.01.12 @ 3:01am


  • kingofchico 11.01.12 @ 2:10am

    that hand…

  • petsinwinter 11.01.12 @ 1:12am

    Why not kill it by making it a *star*

  • ibs2pid 11.01.12 @ 1:04am

    I’m calling it.  They are all dead by the time he puts the camera down.

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