A Certain Romance

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They met at a T.G.I. Friday's. She was at a business dinner, he was busy shooting off fireworks. A Roman Candle grazed her Jack Daniel's Ribs, and, well, things just progressed from there.


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  • TheDew 01.27.13 @ 10:22am

    She already has a herpes?

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  • Yeah, I Went There 11.10.10 @ 1:13pm

    This reminds me of John Donne’s “The Flea”.

  • Cnith 05.30.10 @ 5:49pm

    *bows down to Mike*  I LOVE that pokemon reference!!  And no… I will NOT go look Aldakoopa!!

    FUCK…. You made me go look… I hate you!!!!  LMAO. smile

  • Alex 03.21.10 @ 1:29pm

    Props for Pink Martini! :D

  • wow 01.30.10 @ 7:45pm

    she is HOT

  • MineTruly 01.24.10 @ 5:36pm

    A mortified “Oh god, I’m so sorry!” is still the POLITE thing to say

  • . 01.06.10 @ 8:33pm

    Dan wins for ending his comment surprisingly with a nod to “Stinkfoot”

  • Rii 01.06.10 @ 1:06am

    Excellent use of “Sympathique” in the background.  That’s a great song.

  • ME 01.05.10 @ 12:32pm

    The snot was fake?  I thought that was classic Double Herpes snot.

  • ZombieBuffet 01.05.10 @ 11:38am

    This is a win.

  • Dan 01.05.10 @ 11:11am

    Actually, she was the carrier the first time around. She had just gotten out of a stupid relationship with some sleazy account executive, who had apparently been spending more late nights closing barflies than he did deals.

    Then Michael came along; he was a sweet, affable ignoramus who wasn’t going to question why those open sores kept popping up along his “happy highway.”

    Little did Olivia know that Michael himself was hiding a debilitating case of Devil Herpes—a rare condition that one contracts while entreating an exchange of one’s male virginity (or, be-hymen) for the extensive collection of Zappa albums that Satan has in mint condition on vinyl.

    Otherwise known as, Stinkfoot.

  • Mike 01.05.10 @ 11:10am

    I once had double herpes as a kid.  Felt like 5 charmanders and a charizard in a fight down there.

  • Snot Rocket 01.05.10 @ 10:44am

    That is all.

    And double herpes? Don’t you think she probably would’ve left him after he gave her herpes the first time around?

  • Dec 01.05.10 @ 8:34am

    What dick thought it said “Devil Herpes”... What an ass.

    Anyway that was another fucking brilliant one. The fake snot stuff looked horrible!

  • Adam 01.05.10 @ 7:55am

    I lost both my parents to double herpes.

  • Earthbreaker 01.05.10 @ 2:09am

    That’s some grim shit motherfucker…poor36

  • Amantalado 01.05.10 @ 12:19am

    Double Herpes haha

  • Clever Name 01.04.10 @ 11:59pm

    Haha, it’s not like you’re gonna get “Devil Herpes”

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