A Little Forward

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You might be too young to remember, but back when cell phones didn't exist, you had to develop pictures of your dick in a red room, and mail them to your friend's mom in a special airtight pouch.


  • kevin777 06.23.14 @ 9:01am

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  • kevin777 06.03.14 @ 12:14pm

    Great video. I laughed a lot. Thanks for posting such a great stuff here! Good luck in the future!
    Greetings from Abc Pages

  • kevin777 05.22.14 @ 7:00am

    I saw this video on this website few weeks ago so I was happy to find it again. It’s awesome and hilarious! I would love to see more from the same guys.

  • kevin777 05.13.14 @ 5:41am

    Wow that’s an impressive video. I loved it for sure. Oh and I love this website overall, there are so many great vids here!
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  • Mr Quiggles 12.12.12 @ 6:29pm

    i found it!!!!! i finally found it!! ive been trying to find this one for the looooooooongest time ever cause i remember seeing it in the montage of 5sf’s at the end of the weeks in review’s and wondering which one it was cause i saw it before and thought it was hilarious and now i found it again and its still fucking hilarious as shit!!! xD

  • Chazzle-dazzle 08.26.12 @ 9:03pm

    Why does he need it to be forwarded back to him?

  • mqejos 12.22.11 @ 5:00am


  • padurn 02.17.11 @ 9:09pm

    what a dick

  • Matthew Perry 02.17.11 @ 8:41pm

    I hear83 it’s a sight well worth seeing.

  • Jay Sherman 02.17.11 @ 4:40pm

    YES! Stage69

  • Hey! 02.17.11 @ 4:33pm

    What would his father85 think?!

  • 42uck 02.17.11 @ 3:30pm

    The blonde cracks a smile at the end. I think he’ll be keeping that message.

  • Yes75 02.17.11 @ 2:38pm

    I’m writing17 this from his Mom’s phone, nice dick Jon.

  • Dude 02.17.11 @ 1:14pm

    This passes the 5sf test. I looked at it… about 16 times now… and I’m still grinning! :D (YES I KNOW I TOTALLY COPIED THIS FROM OTHER COMMENTS!)

  • germo 02.17.11 @ 1:03pm

    What does her husband17 think of that?

  • YES 02.17.11 @ 11:25am

    I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t 81 this.

  • the_nozzle_poots 02.17.11 @ 9:17am


  • Miss Ginny 02.17.11 @ 6:31am

    oh, that Jon Worley. he’s such a good friend smile

  • ME 02.17.11 @ 4:55am

    ... No?

  • cronk 02.17.11 @ 2:34am

    worley puts his best half foot forward here

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