Aggressive Marketing

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Fired? No. Promoted to Head of Domestic Sales? Yes.


  • She Fucks Guys Username and Pa 05.18.16 @ 11:33am

    She Fucks Guys Username and Password

  • TheDew 01.17.13 @ 2:38pm

    ITS SO GOOD!!!

  • petervlipen 05.29.12 @ 3:27am

    I am sure would love this film about aggressive marketing, the idea about Nesquik is genial. If you don`t want to buy our product we come to you and give it for free! I am not sure the customers will like how they implemented this marketing strategy, sometimes you have to be more gentle if you want to have good results.

  • Man Solo 03.02.12 @ 10:47am

    Anyone read the AMA?

  • Garden Umbrellas 02.08.12 @ 10:54pm

    I really like your producing style, do continue producing! I’ll be back again!
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  • the guy looking in your window 10.12.11 @ 9:21pm

    fucking nesquik

  • Ligo Saint 10.12.11 @ 10:00am

    I’ve watched this at least 10 times and have laughed every single time.

  • Nemba 09.30.11 @ 5:00am

    Have you been paid for this cause after watching this i bought 10 gallons of FUCKING NESQUICK!

  • Evan 01.21.11 @ 8:59am

    Omg, this is my favorite one of all!

  • Spencer 10.15.10 @ 4:53pm

    to those who noticed his nose was bleeding and didnt know why…your pussies and he’s high on cocaine :D

  • cant think of a clever name sorry 10.06.10 @ 7:18pm

    that guys face is my facebook profile picture thank u so much 5sf

  • Dark Lucario 10.06.10 @ 12:09pm

    The Nesquik Rabbit now haunts my nightmares.

  • random tom 09.28.10 @ 6:41pm

    What is the blured picture of in the last scene?

  • 08.21.10 @ 8:31am

    hahaha ад вообще

  • butterfly marketing 08.19.10 @ 11:52am

    That was a really funny comercial.

  • ModelOZX 07.12.10 @ 2:24am

    Also: I prefer regular Nesquik over fucking Nesquik.

  • ModelOZX 07.12.10 @ 2:24am

    Great, now would you please go tell that to someone who cares?

  • Kuwlio 07.08.10 @ 11:37pm

    I’ve watched this at least 10 times and have laughed every single time. Best 5sf for me

  • Cat_man 06.25.10 @ 3:12pm

    Omg, he snorted the Nesquik!

  • Cat_man 06.25.10 @ 3:11pm

    I think he snorted the Nesquik!

  • Gamecube 05.17.10 @ 4:43pm

    HAHAHAHAHA blood46!!

  • YES! 05.07.10 @ 4:18am

    ^^^ most definitely

  • Zackgold 05.06.10 @ 12:38pm

    the greatest 5SF ever

  • OnlyTwice 03.29.10 @ 12:11pm

    See, this is called throatrape, because he didn’t want to drink it. It’s the same as earrape, when you a forced to listen to people sing songs you don’t want to hear, or assrape, which is…self explanatory.

  • Nervo 03.27.10 @ 10:16am

    I want sooooome!!!


  • starshine 03.19.10 @ 11:34am

    First time I watched it, not that funny. Second, third and fourth time, so fucking funny! Favorite as of right now.

  • Margarita 03.12.10 @ 9:17pm

    Hahaha. I was trying not to laugh even though this is my favorite one because well my muscles are really sore but when tiffany said she watched it 4 times and it made her laugh harder well I remembered the first time I saw it I cracked my ass up….so i cracked my ass up… You guys are wonderful

  • Trista 02.19.10 @ 6:41pm

    hahahahaha I love it!

  • MineTruly 02.17.10 @ 12:38pm

    The more I watch 5sf, the more I notice the subtle gay moments. Two dudes sit on a bed together, playing guitar. Two dudes embrace for an umbrella ride. A dude disguises himself as a mailbox so another dude gropes his willie. A dude tenderly caresses another dude with all four of his hands. Dude Bro Massacre 3.

    It’s no wonder it didn’t occur to these guys to include female characters during the first two years.

  • SuperKev 02.08.10 @ 10:07pm

    ...with any & all Olivia and Kelsey vidz coming a CLOSE second! wink

  • SuperKev 02.08.10 @ 10:04pm


  • John Anonymous 02.03.10 @ 12:40pm

    haha! first!

  • cronin_burger 02.02.10 @ 8:57pm

    the return of the easter bunny! how cleaver

  • rideroftheli 02.01.10 @ 8:07am

    What is he saying? I mean the guy who’s nailed to the floor and fed nesquik :D

  • Oliver 01.29.10 @ 2:08am

    ive watching this more than 10 times
    ive bookmarked it aswell


  • LAWL 01.09.10 @ 7:28pm


  • SileNT 01.02.10 @ 3:39am

    This one is great!

  • Jiibuss 12.16.09 @ 7:05pm

    THAT IS MY NEW NUMBER 1. I CAN WATCH IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER, EACH TIME LAUGHING AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.  The internet needs more funny shit like this. And that damn rabbit

  • sebastian 12.08.09 @ 3:43am


  • DUDEE-ETTE 08.26.09 @ 12:17pm

    hahaahahaha thatwas hlarious! it reminds me of this vid my bro showed me its like when this guy makes a grape soda commercial and he runs around the kids house yeling IM GONNA GRAPE YOU!!!! hahaha funny stuff,

  • moot 08.21.09 @ 9:26am

    never gets old

  • poke her face 08.14.09 @ 7:09pm


  • ohmygod 07.28.09 @ 4:06pm

    hahahaha i love it

  • SuperKev 07.07.09 @ 5:30am

    Funniest crap EVER!

  • kazhe 06.30.09 @ 3:09pm

    that bunny was already scary!!

  • Tyler 06.27.09 @ 11:48am

    I think you should redo this mixed with “Garunteed Distraction.”
    As the Nesquik bunny pours it down the poor client’s throat, someone else comes in playing some lovely Violent Femmes.
    Now THAT’S a commercial.

  • Dude 06.24.09 @ 8:20am

    I miss these quality videos XD

  • professor mc nasty 06.23.09 @ 11:45am

    i would seriously buy that product

  • man living in your sink 06.22.09 @ 3:52pm


  • LOUDERkirk 05.26.09 @ 8:47pm

    this is my absolute favorite one… and ive watched every 5sf you have on this site hahah

  • Arabian 03.27.09 @ 8:21pm

    The funniest part is the guy sitting on the bed’s expression in the first shot.

  • moog 03.24.09 @ 8:55am

    I would kill everyone here just for one fleck of that sweet sweet coco-powder… aaaaaaauuuuugggggghh

  • Eli B 03.06.09 @ 11:03am

    Why?! Why don’t marketer’s notice that this is the only way to have an awesome commercial, unless it involves both babies and a catapult. I mean, come on. I guarantee you, put a few of these commercials on the air, and no one’s ever gonna complain about boring commercial breaks again!

  • Duncan 03.04.09 @ 10:08pm


  • badhardluck 03.04.09 @ 6:51am

    brilliant! although i have officially watched all of your films and they all rock! awesome concept! keep it up!

  • Zapaneco 03.01.09 @ 9:26pm

    I went and bought Nesquick today because of this.  Aggressive marketing does work!

  • hunter 02.05.09 @ 7:47pm

    His nose isn’t bleeding. He’s been snorting strawberry nesquick

  • Steak 01.28.09 @ 9:38am

    Everyone i’ve shown this to has bursted out laughing.  Great work, keep ‘em coming

  • Gaz 01.24.09 @ 12:40am

    that has to be the best 5SF on the site!

  • Fester 01.22.09 @ 3:37pm

    probably the funniest thing i’ve ever seen and will ever see..

  • Ade 01.21.09 @ 1:16pm

    If only all commercials were made this way.

  • that guy 01.18.09 @ 7:16am

    watched it at least 20 times in a row and seriously couldn’t breathe by the end!!!!

  • gormster 01.17.09 @ 5:42pm


  • dmk 01.17.09 @ 6:54am


  • aled 01.17.09 @ 6:49am

    fucking genius.  thank you!

  • Chris 12.30.08 @ 5:24pm

    wow. that was unexpected. LAUGH!

  • CorporalG 12.27.08 @ 2:28pm

    I will never understand why this video is so brilliantly funny. But it is.

  • matt 12.05.08 @ 7:54am

    hmmm… reminds me of “get out your fucking checkbook” on youtube.

  • matayoman 12.02.08 @ 7:12pm

    omg, soo good. why’s his nose bleeding and just omg its sweet. nice bunny suit btw.

  • tiffany 12.02.08 @ 8:40am

    i watched this 4 times and laughed harder each time hahah

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