An American In London

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At last, a Tea Party for people who actually drink tea.


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  • Jody Bruchon 11.04.12 @ 6:13pm

    I literally can’t stop watching this. The guns going off makes it absolutely hilarious. If only more political jokes were like this…

  • Pat K 07.11.12 @ 2:39pm

    Jaimie! And Matt! And Chris! And Tom!

    ok im done

  • soaweSOmeitbulDGedtwice 07.02.12 @ 12:33pm


    then i watched it eleven times more. And cooked up some Earl Grey. It’s 35° Celsius. Doesn’t matter still awesome.

  • Bubbywubby 06.26.12 @ 10:34pm

    Cakebomb & Matt! :O

  • JAVALIN597 06.25.12 @ 9:58pm


  • kingofchico 06.25.12 @ 7:04pm

    Merikuh #1 !!!!!!!!!!

  • Lunatic 06.23.12 @ 10:01am

    Oh god Tom! That made my day,
    I’d better get to bed right now,
    cause I can’t get better than this.

    Also? Guns, because every comment needs them.

  • Andy 06.23.12 @ 8:07am

    Actually Devyn, I think Brits are just cynical and perpetually annoyed. Americans do it all with a smile on their face; the Brits tend to be doing it out of nationalistic depression.

  • Devyn 06.22.12 @ 1:52pm

    not saying it with malice:

    americans have no idea that brits are actually more insensitive & anarchists then them.

  • Lunar 06.22.12 @ 12:50pm

    Oh man, I laughed so hard when all of the guns went off.

  • Michelle 06.22.12 @ 11:25am

    My Welsh professor just passed his American citizenship test and I sent him this in congratulations.

    His response?  “Brilliant! Do you know where I can get a gun?”


  • Somedumbkid 06.22.12 @ 11:00am

    Ohai Tom!

  • Shelly Stevens 06.22.12 @ 6:08am

    When I’m president I’ll make health care for all! Except for one person on 5sfs

  • Yemaine 06.22.12 @ 5:44am

    Is that how Americans think English people dress? Doctor’s coat, gay cowboy, Han Solo, Starbucks guy?

  • TeamAmerica 06.22.12 @ 5:14am

    The sound effect of them getting Americanized is amazing, or should I say AMERICAZING!

  • Cherub Cow 06.21.12 @ 6:00pm

    Did the writer of this 5sf just age out of their parents’ health care plan? ;D

  • Patricia 06.21.12 @ 5:10pm

    I’m dating An American *Named London… Coincidental? Perhaps.

  • Fasc 06.21.12 @ 4:09pm

    Bah political nonsense…

  • Michelle 06.21.12 @ 3:03pm

    THIS IS THE BEST!  Props on the outfit changes.

  • efesus 06.21.12 @ 1:52pm

    Bing looks kinda gay in that hat

  • Apache287 06.21.12 @ 12:56pm

    Pretty sure our healthcare is already pretty fucked. We don’t need the Americans to help.

  • Boomshakalaka! 06.21.12 @ 12:38pm

    I loved everything about this.

  • John Bon Jovi 06.21.12 @ 12:33pm


    That analogy is so flawed, it has made the entire world stupider by its mere existence.

    I like the work you do. Much appreciated.

  • Srsly tho 06.21.12 @ 11:02am

    Accuracy bonus to you, 5sf

  • Shenanigans! 06.21.12 @ 11:00am

    Oh my god yes. We need more TomSka and Bing 5SFs. :D

  • Sir Fonford 06.21.12 @ 10:47am

    Or you could eat something else than burgers and live a little bit longer. Like in every other country in the world but America.

  • Dick Steel 06.21.12 @ 10:24am

    America, FUCK YEAH!!!

  • ibs2pid 06.21.12 @ 8:58am

    wrong, wrong, wrong.  they needed busch light.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 06.21.12 @ 6:08am

    Ugh.  Polemic humor FTL.

    /I give this video one right wing

  • tron28 06.21.12 @ 5:50am

    Jamie looked good in all that American attire…

  • BigSoph 06.21.12 @ 4:43am

    Let’s see - violent crime is rising in the UK, dropping in the US; the waiting lists for ANY surgery is months and more

    So, let’s assess. What would you rather have? A $5 burger now, made the way you want, with what you want and cooked the way you want (US) or a free burger (but all prices are higher to offset the “free” burger) next week with no choice of what is on it, how it is cooked and, since you cannot take your business elsewhere, a dry bun. Also no condiments (UK)

    Sorry 5sf, this one is a fail

  • Edje 06.21.12 @ 4:23am

    Still I think an Englishman in New York is much cooler.

  • drk 06.21.12 @ 2:31am

    in soviet russia, tea drinks you!

  • Lacsirax 06.21.12 @ 2:23am

    Oh wow Tomska. And Bing. In Five Second Films. :D

  • drk 06.21.12 @ 2:12am


  • alexdhenley 06.21.12 @ 1:13am




  • That guy in the comments 06.21.12 @ 1:07am

    Wow, nice to see TomSka again. When did you all get together, or should I ask where?

  • padurn 06.21.12 @ 12:22am

    In France, they drink pee.

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