And The Winner Is…

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The Steeries, often referred to the industry as "the Super Bowl for sleep apnea sufferers," are sadly overshadowed by the Crushies, which are generally regarded as the better predictor of who will win the coveted Eulogies.


  • Strengh24 05.09.12 @ 2:28pm


  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 8:16pm

    ...Beautifully disturbing.

  • filme porno 05.10.11 @ 2:29pm


  • A fan 02.26.11 @ 9:03pm

    Ohhh, such a great film. I watched it so many times that I remember it all with all details. And the soundtrack is wonderful. I hum it during shaving.

  • futhermucker 11.09.10 @ 6:47pm

    a new personal78 record for cumming and laughing simultaneously.

  • Enabsflow 09.27.10 @ 6:53pm

    Ma Vlast? Really? No award show is ever that classy.

  • minetruly 09.06.10 @ 11:07pm

    Just yesterday I was napping, and I dreamed I was driving a car and wound up on the wrong side of the road, about to collide with an oncoming truck. I woke up with my foot jerking to hit the brake.

  • Alejandro 09.05.10 @ 11:33pm

    I’ve watched this video more than any other on the site.  It makes me laugh each and every time!  Thanks guys!  It is in fact so funny, that I completely failed to notice the aspect of the short focused upon by 90 percent of the comments until perhaps my third dozen viewing.

  • Mikey 08.27.10 @ 12:40pm

    @ gw

    Who needs to “woo” when you have cloroform?

  • gw crawford 06.22.10 @ 2:46pm

    Yes, yes, Olivia is hot. I think that is well established. However, your attempt at wooing her is ... well, beyond weak. I will just wait until the right woman comes along that appreciates slightly pudgy, balding middle aged men in dead end jobs… excuse me, I am going for a ride and a nap now

  • Mike 06.15.10 @ 2:30pm


  • Patrick Hua 06.11.10 @ 7:02pm

    I love the girl’s breasts. I am 22 y/o from the Philippines and I would love to date her. Can you send me her details? Thanks.

  • Arnster 06.01.10 @ 4:14pm


  • Bob Nuggets 05.10.10 @ 5:18am

    I get it. It’s a Roger Avary-reference, right?!

  • Goostoff 05.08.10 @ 10:13am

    She’s veeeeery talented…

  • allison 04.26.10 @ 9:23pm

    HAHAHA. yes.

  • Matt 04.25.10 @ 3:33am

    All I can remember about the video is Olivia. I think I blacked out.

  • To Serve Armadillo 04.07.10 @ 8:12pm


  • so.. 04.04.10 @ 2:11pm

    due to all the boob comments, i’m assuming most people here don’t get any raspberry

  • The OTHER Brian 04.01.10 @ 7:49pm

    Wow…that is the least respected award to earn. The Golden Steering Wheel, awarded to only those who fall asleep behind the wheel when driving at least once…so every man to ever exist above the age of 16

  • Danny 03.29.10 @ 5:06am

    First one that was actually funny on this site.

  • Failed Punchline 03.22.10 @ 5:34pm

    Well good news is that I didn’t get this 5sf the first time around. I pass the gay test.

  • meep 03.15.10 @ 7:50pm

    @minetruly no, but then again we’re straight.

  • Elazul 03.15.10 @ 1:33pm

    Muy buenos los videos en especial este xD

  • Yo!! MTVRaps 03.12.10 @ 4:53pm

    Upvoted for the tits on that bitch

  • DoggySpew 03.11.10 @ 11:40am


  • Daniel 03.10.10 @ 6:46pm

    This 5sf is to 5sf’s what bringing back sbemail was to HSR. Blappity blippity bloo.

  • Your Biological Father 03.10.10 @ 12:26pm

    Total win.

  • minetruly 03.09.10 @ 7:24pm

    Am I the only one who didn’t notice the breasts but did notice the steering wheel and the ONCOMING TRUCK?


  • ME 03.08.10 @ 9:21pm

    Breast Breast bacon eggs Breast Breast Breast ...or Lobster Thermidor a Crevette with a mornay sauce served in a Provencale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pate, brandy and with a fried egg on top and Breast.

  • Ian 03.08.10 @ 7:21pm

    That thumbnail is indeed quite the attention-getter.

    This makes it two Mondays in a row where Olivia’s rack has been regretfully restricted.  Let’s see how long we can make this last.

  • Fawkes 03.08.10 @ 6:33pm

    I would comment, but I’m too busy trying to find the best possible frame of Olivia’s cleavage to make y new background.

  • Boris 03.08.10 @ 6:01pm

    Breast breast breast breast breast.

  • Jefferton Alive 03.08.10 @ 5:07pm

    Breast breast breast a breast.

  • GuyInYourCloset 03.08.10 @ 4:49pm

    Breast tits in a boobs with tits

  • Spoon 03.08.10 @ 3:33pm

    Breast tits in a boobs.

  • Dave 03.08.10 @ 3:20pm

    Breast one in a while.

  • Fork 03.08.10 @ 2:23pm

    Best one in a while.

  • Morpheus 03.08.10 @ 10:37am

    This 5SF WAS GOD.

  • Griffin 03.08.10 @ 10:25am

    Took me like 3 views to get it but once I did…

    Great Job guys!

  • Jay Medina VJ 03.08.10 @ 9:57am

    Nice Pair!

  • Failed Punchline 03.08.10 @ 8:00am

    another classic.

  • Gamecube 03.08.10 @ 6:52am

    hahahaa one of the best!!

  • Nickloves5SF 03.08.10 @ 6:42am

    ha this one’s a gooden

  • ME 03.08.10 @ 5:01am

    Congratulations, Michael!  You’re part of a rare… er, uncommon… well, actually, hopefully this isn’t your last Steerie you win.  I’ve got about 20.


  • Cloven 03.08.10 @ 3:43am

    Though people clapped for the award winners, you couldn’t ignore the whispers.  People really showed up hoping that James Cameron and George Lucas would battle it out for biggest loser that sleeps on a giant pile of money.

  • SuperKev 03.08.10 @ 2:24am

    FOURTH YEA…..uh wait, nevermind. :(

    Lookin great Olivia!
    Michael, “I see you man.” :O

  • Nerozero 03.08.10 @ 1:07am

    Ha ha… Yeah, I’ve been there. Hey Nice tits… This video is all around fun

  • Joe 03.08.10 @ 12:53am

    haha.. didnt see that coming. Awesome.

  • JV 03.07.10 @ 11:04pm

    In before the video’s even posted! I’d like to thank the Academy…

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