Another Ruined Dinner

Last Film Last Film
Ben wound up losing 10 pounds that night, but it was all sugar-water weight.


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  • Brian Firenzi 11.30.10 @ 10:38am


    So, you literally just missed being able to eat this meat. Shame.

  • VWC 07.25.10 @ 4:37am


  • wes 07.01.10 @ 7:24pm

    anyone notice they’re holding goblets? hahaha

  • the one and only... 07.01.10 @ 10:34am

    ... and by “ironic,” i mean “hypocritical” (sorry, took me four days to realize that)

  • Josh 06.29.10 @ 6:24pm

    Hey, he saved 50% on that package.

  • the one and only... 06.27.10 @ 5:07pm

    @The SuperestKev Ever!, i don’t wanna “crack on your comment,” but don’t you find it ironic that you’re commenting on someone’s comment about commenting on someone else’s comment? think about it, “goob…”

  • minetruly 06.27.10 @ 4:04pm

    It’s a 5sf tradition. It’s especially cool if you get one that’s oddly relevant, like hunger18 on the zombie film. services23

  • hugo4400 06.26.10 @ 8:01am

    at about 0:03 when hes looking into the fridge you can see brian in the backround

  • Perp 06.26.10 @ 3:05am

    Why are we posting our captchas…?

  • Andrew X. Hunter 06.26.10 @ 1:16am

    September 5th, 1994 – New South Wales State MP for Cabramatta John Newman is shot outside his home, in Australia’s first political assassination since 1977.
    (and that was the second time I’ve had “thing23”)

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 06.25.10 @ 7:01am

    taste the rainbow, puke the rainbow

  • wpk914 06.24.10 @ 11:05pm

    its night28 while i watch this

  • Lunette 06.24.10 @ 10:53pm

    Not going to lie… those are some big-ass bowls.

  • trolololo 06.24.10 @ 9:01pm


  • The SuperestKev Ever! 06.24.10 @ 8:32pm

    Haha, yeah, loved the mixing bowls n goblets, NICE!
    Brian’s faces, always the bomb!
    The music was very Twilight Zone, excellent.

    To all goobs cracking on eachother’s comments, everyone’s entitled.
    And Star Wars III was awesome!

  • Simon 06.24.10 @ 7:58pm

    I can’t get over the giant bowls and the goblets.
    Everything is hilariously different at the 5sf house.

  • Eatintea 06.24.10 @ 7:11pm

    I think he should vomit pink triangles.

  • muffin 06.24.10 @ 6:24pm

    IM A FIRIN MY rainbow?

  • BakedPotato 06.24.10 @ 3:50pm

    Pause at 0:03 for Brian’s AWESOME face.

  • beechcraft11 06.24.10 @ 11:30am


  • nick 06.24.10 @ 11:27am

    hold62 on! are rainbows red meat, poultry, or what?

  • firin' ma lazor 06.24.10 @ 10:03am

    Doctor Octagonapus!

  • imafirinmalazor 06.24.10 @ 10:01am

    Doctor Octagonapus!! *BZAAAAAAAAR*

  • Pepo 06.24.10 @ 9:09am

    Brian’s faces are so funny always.

  • Perp 06.24.10 @ 8:57am

    That’s right… Just stand in the background and keep eating your rainbows. Don’t try and help your bro or anything.

  • The OTHER Brian 06.24.10 @ 8:46am

    That’s so god damn hysterical! Best this week!

  • Jim 06.24.10 @ 6:59am

    nice Lost dramatic ambient sound, btw

  • Mike 06.24.10 @ 6:55am

    Frackippy, first time comment? Do us a favor, stop there

  • Ohgod 06.24.10 @ 5:36am

    An alarm should have gone off in his head when “California” and “no artificial preservatives” are in the same sentence.

    zing!  high five16?

  • Frackippy 06.24.10 @ 5:23am

    I’ve been followin’ the awsome 5sf films for a while now and I’m finally gonna start commenting raspberry
    Looks like it’s possible to… *puts on sunglasses* TASTE THE RAINBOW (<- worst ever)

  • A tree 06.24.10 @ 5:03am

    Dude, it was Christopher Lee in the 3rd starwars movie.
    Which sucked.

  • the one and only... 06.24.10 @ 4:47am

    @Johnny Utah: and it wasn’t a very good joke to begin with… @Matchstickman: those aren’t even woks, i think they’re just bowls!

  • Matchstickman 06.24.10 @ 3:04am

    Why are they eating out of woks and drinking out of goblets? Is that some kind of traditional Californian meal thing?

  • Hibou 06.24.10 @ 2:24am

    Loving the harp sound

    made me came98

  • Emre 06.24.10 @ 1:37am

    Twice the pride, double the fall.

    ...and I dunno why I said that

  • Mycatsmellslikecatfood 06.24.10 @ 12:21am

    Taste the Rainbow!

  • wheresmyhouse 06.23.10 @ 11:46pm

    I want to be a rainbow farmer. except28

  • Johnny Utah 06.23.10 @ 11:41pm

    ok I stole that joke…
    bed22 time.

  • Johnny Utah 06.23.10 @ 11:33pm

    How does snoop dog dyes his hair? with bleeeech! thank you!

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