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Never disrespect your mother or your 8,000 brothers and sisters; Real men do not hide under conch shells; and when in doubt, leave the gun, but take the krill.


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  • waqas 05.09.14 @ 3:46am

    good sequel, good teamwork, i like it
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  • Jeremy 01.13.12 @ 11:34pm

    5sf is far better than the crap on tv

  • scag 01.12.12 @ 9:20am

    thats a quick burnin cig in the first scene

  • Nicole 01.11.12 @ 10:27pm

    Sometimes there are just no words.

  • Enabsflow 01.11.12 @ 9:54pm

    Best series so far this year! ^_^

  • d 01.11.12 @ 1:33pm

    good sequel, good teamwork, i like it

  • Heathen 01.11.12 @ 1:15pm

    Need more ASKALOBSTER episodes! :D

    HEY 5SF PEOPLE!! Curious: would you accept viewer/fan requests for Ask A Lobster questions?

  • Thor- Axe 01.11.12 @ 12:37pm

    Fuckin finally a throwback episode!!!

    5 1/2 stars!

  • YES 01.11.12 @ 12:21pm


  • Matthew Perry 01.11.12 @ 11:32am


    Me daughter…


  • Jeremy 01.11.12 @ 10:36am

    Fuck yeah!

  • ibs2pid 01.11.12 @ 9:55am

    There are no words, only laughs!

  • Mels Bells 01.11.12 @ 8:04am

    Bravo! Bravo!
    seriously, that’s all I got…

  • Oatmeal 01.11.12 @ 5:23am

    This is great. More lobster!

  • padurn 01.11.12 @ 3:14am

    Pure genius.

  • Man Solo 01.11.12 @ 1:28am

    The bit with Brian, fucking came on a clean towel.

    Also, Michael has the same rubberbands that Kelsey had on his hands.

  • Man Solo 01.11.12 @ 1:22am

    I’m crying. Thank you.

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