Ass Party

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There's a party in my ass, and everyone's inv…oh, wait.


  • Zac1122 03.15.14 @ 6:00am

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  • Mam 05.31.12 @ 4:00pm

    Sort videoja

  • Drjusmar 05.15.12 @ 2:16pm


    Just let it happen..

  • wagmafash 04.25.12 @ 7:10pm


  • suzanelyk 02.05.12 @ 11:41am

    What touching words smile

  • Gabe-Riel 05.09.11 @ 7:56am

    Wha- was I just raped?

  • Fusososo 05.03.11 @ 6:48pm

    At first I thought his shirt read “Chico”... *facepalm* I’ve been watching too much of these videos…

  • Earthbreaker 02.01.11 @ 2:49pm

    Wow…you can really tell the early ones from the College corridors…

  • ZombieBuffet 01.28.11 @ 11:57am

    Not appropriate for the children84.

  • ana | hechizos para enamorar 01.10.11 @ 8:30pm

    ahahaha LOL

  • Monika's Dad 07.31.10 @ 9:19am

    I think I’m too old to get this one.

  • Ur Face 07.15.10 @ 5:42pm

    Wow…that was….nice. XD

  • ModelOZX 07.12.10 @ 12:13am

    I went to that party.

    It was really weird.

  • rex goliath 05.16.10 @ 4:51am

    BAM! I voted that shit DOWN, SON! HUA

  • SuperKev 02.19.10 @ 12:32pm

    HAHAHAHAHA… that was….odd!

  • whomplezoggle 02.12.10 @ 11:46am

    It’s actually a children’s party, with ice cream, cake, balloons, Pin the Tale on the Donkey, Finding Nemo themed plates and napkins, Mad Libs for Kids, and a balloon-making party clown who uses swear words like “Oh, gosh-doodly-dingbats!”

  • MineTruly 02.12.10 @ 11:43am

    Seriously. You pull his pants down, and you can see dance lights flashing from his anus. A thin stream of beer and vomit trickles down his perineum. Put your nose against his opening and snort real hard, and you’ll get a mild cocaine high. At the end of night, everyone passes out in his colon.

  • ... 02.05.10 @ 10:42am


  • Tatts 01.28.10 @ 1:01pm

    i think i should say: WHAT A FUCK

  • lee 01.10.10 @ 11:27pm

    My God!! Ed Wood is here!!!!

  • Abusivefern 12.17.09 @ 6:51am

    This one will always be my favorite.

  • Carth 11.19.09 @ 2:18pm

    I laughed my ass off and I still don’t know what happened.

  • NeonSpaceman 09.03.09 @ 7:20am

    haha i adore this one xP

  • apomonomenos 08.20.09 @ 12:28pm

    I was eating a steakburger and burned myself laughing at this

  • Silly 07.01.09 @ 4:59pm

    “There’s a party in my ass, and everyone’s inv…oh, wait.”

    I think somebody’s going to feel pain…


  • kazhe 06.30.09 @ 3:13pm


  • somepartsareme 06.27.09 @ 7:10pm

    ...the hell…?

  • david 06.19.09 @ 10:52am


  • Christian 06.16.09 @ 11:08pm

    totally WTF?!

  • linko 06.07.09 @ 3:31pm

    My favorite 5sfs is all of them that include mariachi music.

  • Jesse 04.15.09 @ 9:23am


  • Gabbo 02.24.09 @ 12:38pm


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