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When their parents heard the news, and identified the bodies, they burst into tears. No one should bury their own perverts.


  • TheDew 01.20.13 @ 4:33pm

    But why….

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    let us see more of this, its interesting

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  • Samanya 11.18.10 @ 3:01pm

    Hahaha! That caught me off guard :D

  • Grae 09.19.10 @ 1:16am

    Funny and gross at the same time.. I’ll say Grosny or Funross..

  • wererat2000 09.17.10 @ 2:14am

    so wait, does this count as kidnaping?

  • Bakon 08.27.10 @ 4:46pm

    It looks like those guys *puts on sunglasses* blew their loads.

  • Kuwlio 07.12.10 @ 12:08pm

    I remember watching this video 5 times and i never got it. Then today, i just realized the words “Sperm Bank” was on the top. Yeah, i get it….........

  • The man outside your mom's window 04.20.10 @ 6:55pm

    Now that’s a cumshot!....

  • In Soviet Russia Comment You 04.17.10 @ 8:14pm

    I’m not understanding.

  • OnlyTwice 03.29.10 @ 12:23pm


    Why do you refer to yourself in the plural in your name?

  • Nervo 03.27.10 @ 9:53am

    So freakin’ cool, dude. Luv it

  • Nutsack 03.10.10 @ 6:42pm

    NOOOOO my babies!!!

  • Just Another Stranger^^ 02.02.10 @ 11:41am

    lol, had to see this 15 times until i noticed that they robbed a Sperm bank^^

  • Lolfags 01.29.10 @ 4:46pm

    Yeah this website is gay..

  • Maddison 01.23.10 @ 8:39am

    so gross.

    but so great.

  • MineTruly 01.22.10 @ 8:05pm

    @Buttchecks: Isn’t it supposed to be ButtCHEEKS? Or am I going to pull down your pants and write a check? Do you have Buttmoneyorders as well?

  • B.C.D. 12.07.09 @ 2:25pm

    Damn I’m slow i had tow atch it three times to check out what they are carrying and 3 more times to realise its a sperm bank -_-

  • Doomish 11.13.09 @ 8:18am

    @Buttchecks. Stop being a fucking tool.

    Anyway, yeah. This one’s gold.

  • The Man with 3 Buttchecks 10.16.09 @ 5:45pm

    Chioke Nassor, i second that but insteed of being a lil fag and sayin flippin, (or was that posed to be funny?if so double fail) i say FUCKING amazing

  • The Leetnes 10.10.09 @ 7:09pm

    Oh I get it its a sperm bank Disregard that last question!

  • The Leetnes 10.10.09 @ 7:07pm

    P.S.-What was that white stuff flyin at the camera?

  • The Leetnes 10.10.09 @ 7:06pm

    Think they coulda got something better than pantyhos?
    Don’t shoot! *BANG*

  • Longrod VonHugendong 10.02.09 @ 7:57am

    Man…it took me all week to fill that giant bag of semen.

  • Anthony 09.18.09 @ 10:57am

    SKEET SKEET, mothafucka.

  • james 08.18.09 @ 3:47pm

    haha awesome your ur FACE!

  • yo mama 08.14.09 @ 1:21am

    did he died?

  • ur FACE! 07.06.09 @ 3:23pm

    these two robbers heard of a bank with really low security. they decided to rob it. they successfully made it in, and went through all the EMPTY vaults. they were exasperated. they saw the last vault, stocked with yogurt. they were hungry so they had their fill and left. the next morning they saw the newspaper heading “World’s Largest Sperm Bank: Robbed!”      :}

  • Soren 06.28.09 @ 3:49pm


  • bupkes 06.20.09 @ 12:48pm


  • Chioke Nassor 06.13.09 @ 9:08pm

    This was flippin’ amazing.  Your site is the best!  Congrats!

  • kira 06.04.09 @ 10:41am

    hahahahaha ewwwww

  • Felix 05.22.09 @ 8:09pm


  • Sylvain Racicot 05.17.09 @ 8:59pm

    I just have two words: Eee. Ooo.

  • Glowing Face Man 05.11.09 @ 5:47pm

    That place sure had good security for a sperm bank

  • James Holt 04.28.09 @ 9:36am

    Sooo disturbing.  Imagine what the evidence collecting team is gonna have to go through…

  • moog 04.27.09 @ 4:46pm

    But why?! Why rob a sperm bank? For the thrill of it?!

  • tricky pete 04.27.09 @ 2:39pm

    Nice money shot.

  • Your Biological Father 04.27.09 @ 8:24am

    Video is fantastic, description even moreso

  • Jubbs 04.27.09 @ 8:20am

    Revenge of the Noids!

  • pickle 04.27.09 @ 7:34am

    money for nothing and splooge for free…

  • PA 04.27.09 @ 5:10am

    Wow, police responded really well for this kind of situation…

  • Jim 04.27.09 @ 4:56am

    haaaa ha hah….that’s gross.

  • SJK 04.26.09 @ 10:38pm

    I hope no one was impregnated.

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