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Being a centruck ain't easy. First off all, you don't clear any drive-thru overhang, so that perk is history. Second, all your friends hit you up to move single boxes, just because they know you're not doing anything. And third, you can't help but be turned on when you gas up, and that's so embarrassing.


  • Bollywood Movies 12.04.10 @ 6:33am

    This is one of the best movies i have watched so far ...

  • Sandy 03.28.10 @ 12:16am

    Where can I get me one a them thar meeps shirts?! o_o

  • Failed Punchline 03.23.10 @ 6:37pm

    If Dr. Manhattan was red and half-truck, this would be the result.
    also, a giant red penis.

  • mantz 03.21.10 @ 9:50am


  • Daniel Hollister 03.19.10 @ 8:32pm

    Man, I love this.

  • Sodastir 03.18.10 @ 6:36am

    “Fuck this Tom, I thought you were better than that” is my new response/catchphrase to be used with friends. This is the ultimate short-attention-span theatre! Thanks for the many laughs.

  • Sebastian 03.17.10 @ 7:16pm

    it’s surprising how these guys remain funny, time and time again. Really admire the work and almost unending supply of brilliant sense of humor

  • Amy 03.17.10 @ 11:07am

    ... Is that an Oscar in the box?

  • Cotw 03.17.10 @ 8:14am

    I want a Meeps shirt too!

  • Ian 03.16.10 @ 8:47pm

    The “FUCK this tom, I thought you were better than that.” made me laugh. I love your guys’ work!

  • omg 03.16.10 @ 8:31pm

    o man i want that meeps shirt soooo bad

  • R.A.I.U. 03.16.10 @ 1:13pm

    He’s just a bit too sensitive >.>

  • the devil 03.16.10 @ 12:03pm

    well how would you like it if someone wanted to shove a box in your trunk.

  • Bear with Chainsaw-hands 03.16.10 @ 11:01am

    Do want Meeps shirt

  • JOE! 03.16.10 @ 9:48am

    meeps shirt seals the deal.

  • Gamecube 03.16.10 @ 7:45am

    i want on i want one!!!

  • ME 03.16.10 @ 6:10am

    Yeah, it’s one of those new boomeroscar toys.  About as safe as Lawn Darts and not as entertaining.  I got one off of Craigslist for real cheap.

  • Cloven 03.16.10 @ 3:42am

    Is that a boomerang AND and oscar?

  • mvslice 03.16.10 @ 1:35am

    brian was born to play that part

  • A thousand spiders 03.16.10 @ 1:15am

    Meeps shirt

  • The Doctor 03.16.10 @ 1:07am

    Ha ha, that was a good one.  The turned on when gasing up reminds me of that shopped picture of the stick figure putting the gas nozzle up his butt.

  • forgetmenow 03.16.10 @ 12:01am

    Barry, a worthy name for a noble centruck

  • Rayge 03.15.10 @ 11:39pm

    that reminds me of fairly oddparets

  • Opportunist 03.15.10 @ 11:35pm

    He glows when he’s horny.

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