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Silver Spring County Jail is about to get a whole lot classier.


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  • Anonymous 07.19.14 @ 11:31pm


  • dead.juice 02.27.13 @ 8:11am

    Oh god my favorite!

  • violinmaster96 07.17.12 @ 8:31pm

    I swear to think ossifer, I’m not as god as you drunk I am.

  • Vittal 03.07.12 @ 7:26pm

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  • David Rivers 07.03.11 @ 8:10pm

    Fuck yeah Herbie Hancock!

  • the_nozzle_poots 10.29.10 @ 8:17am

    You know how you can tell they’re all like, cool?
    Electric piano.

  • Lavunte 10.26.10 @ 10:56pm

    very cool guys-snaps twice- oh yea…

  • Martinis are not to be drank while driving 07.05.10 @ 8:04pm



  • David 05.31.10 @ 1:44pm


  • Monte Rousselet 05.23.10 @ 9:31am


  • Chex 05.20.10 @ 2:50pm

    That was the most amazing costume change I’ve ever seen.

  • The SuperestKev Ever! 05.13.10 @ 6:49pm

    Hahaha, Ben, great job! So classy! Yall cut the classy cheesy smile JUST in time.

  • Sinatra 05.12.10 @ 9:14pm

    LAST….  CAPS ... huh huh

  • Sinatra 05.12.10 @ 9:11pm

    LUV IT…

  • John 05.11.10 @ 8:14pm

    Herbie Hancock… works every time.

  • Benji 05.11.10 @ 4:07pm

    Love the film, love the music. “Sly” is what they are.

  • Morpheus 05.11.10 @ 6:06am

    Cool, daddy-o….

  • Checker 05.10.10 @ 6:21pm

    By far the coolest people I’ve ever seen. If I was a cop I’d let ‘em be.

  • YOU LOE THE INTERNET!!! 05.10.10 @ 12:50pm

    it was that or blame a baby, whatever works51.

  • Arabian 05.10.10 @ 12:34pm


  • Johnny Utah 05.10.10 @ 9:46am


    (my captcha says death48)

  • JOE 05.10.10 @ 8:34am

    yes! quit good

  • dammit 05.10.10 @ 8:23am

    gawdammit Coolface i wanted to be the first to post it…

  • Enabsflow 05.10.10 @ 8:09am

    Chances are they’ll be transfered to Chico County, where they’ll recieve a 4 star cell and t-bone steak. They don’t use bars of soap in Chico, just Old Spice body wash. That’s the Chico way…

  • Gamecube 05.10.10 @ 6:42am


  • Your Biological Father 05.10.10 @ 6:15am

    Hooray for Herbie Hancock!  Headhunters is amazing.

  • obscurerreference 05.10.10 @ 5:37am

    This is why I always keep a change of clothes handy.

  • ME 05.10.10 @ 3:35am

    @Larry M:



  • Larry M 05.10.10 @ 2:56am

    Well, now they’re going to get busted for drinking martinis while driving.  Should have been less cool.

  • Fuck! Shit! 05.10.10 @ 2:52am

    Dammit, no!

  • Coolface 05.10.10 @ 2:30am

    Problem, officer?

  • Luke Waurm 05.10.10 @ 1:49am

    Hey guys! Am I cool?! I wanna be cool! You should see the cool stamp collection I’ve developed over the years. That makes me cool, right?

  • Mr. Fodrotski 05.10.10 @ 12:59am


  • IcarusReloaded 05.10.10 @ 12:58am

    Only the first 5 people who comment on this will forever be as cool as them.

  • Daveed 05.10.10 @ 12:57am

    Noiceee XFD

  • Dabid 05.10.10 @ 12:53am


  • DevilDancer 05.10.10 @ 12:39am

    nice one =D

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