Blind Date

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If it turns out she doesn't cotton to George Strait like you ordered, there's always pork rinds for breakfast. It's basically win-win.


  • hxsgenbj 12.03.16 @ 12:07am

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  • TheDew 01.24.13 @ 6:46am

    Well….the piggy kelsey sure jumps into things…btw why is it that she always plays the animals?

  • Wood Pellet Manufacturing 05.30.11 @ 3:24am

    They do have some very sexy girls there and I wouldn’t mind a “date” with any of them. Hope you understand my point of view.

  • Jens 03.29.11 @ 11:57am

    I laughed more of this than most comedys. I had tears running down my face grin

  • AnarchistGrandpa 07.14.10 @ 11:43am

    I’d tap that too Dean

    btw Dean’s my real name….................

  • Arnster 06.09.10 @ 8:48am

    zanderflex therapy. cant rape the willing


  • Perp 06.08.10 @ 3:22am

    @gw crawford
    Bacon therapy. IT’S THE ONLY WAY.

  • The Man 05.12.10 @ 2:49pm

    I’d do her.

  • Marcus 04.17.10 @ 2:20pm

    I just love your videos :D

  • gw crawford 04.05.10 @ 3:30pm

    I am disturbed by how hot a woman can look with pig snout and ears. I think I need therapy. Or more bacon. Either’s good.

  • MineTruly 02.17.10 @ 12:11pm

    She looks cute with a pig nose and ears! Especially when she’s looking at him worriedly, wondering if she’ll be accepted or rejected.

  • Dean 01.22.10 @ 1:53am

    I’d tap it.

  • nrahsrus 10.23.09 @ 8:59pm

    um, actually you can still get stds from anal, moreso because the tissue is so thin. but if she’s up for it, kudos to her and her pig snout.

  • Ulysses 10.21.09 @ 8:03am

    She has FOUR EARS!! Kill it!

  • omnom 10.15.09 @ 5:13pm

    how can it be a blind date if he saw a picture of her?

  • lobo 10.08.09 @ 10:14am

    what do ya wanna do with this one?.....I dunno but she sure’s got a purty mouth….

  • That Guy From That Place 10.07.09 @ 12:48pm

    At least you wouldn’t have to look at her face.

  • Tom 10.07.09 @ 11:15am

    What happened to his wife? Did she get tired of having to open all of his beers?

  • Ian 10.07.09 @ 10:49am

    Isn’t there a line in “Deliverance” that goes “Squeal like a pig!”?

  • t.j. 10.07.09 @ 8:39am

    I know it’s true that anal sex provides 100% protection from STDs when having a sex with a human, but can it prevent swine flu when having sex with a pig?

  • Your Biological Father 10.07.09 @ 7:39am

    Okay, that was awesome.

  • lolFurry 10.07.09 @ 7:17am

    That is one way to greet your blind date

  • Dec 10.07.09 @ 5:30am

    My god that was brilliant.

    Yet another hilarious video guys, awesome work!

  • Mitchrapp 10.07.09 @ 5:01am

    last shot killed me. hahaha.

  • the one and only... 10.07.09 @ 3:45am

    i do anal too

  • OINK 10.07.09 @ 3:06am… lol

  • UNA UNA UNA UNA 10.07.09 @ 12:03am

    i do anal lol

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