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The littlest things seem to warrant the biggest fanfare to him. Like for example, last week he turned on his windshield wipers, and with an overzealous "Boom goes the dynamite," enveloped our entire universe in a Technicolor hellscape.


  • TheDew 01.27.13 @ 10:32am


  • Forex Scalping 09.07.11 @ 8:40pm

    Cute!.  I really love his short films.  It’s so cool.  I am looking forward to viewing more videos from you.

  • Wes 08.16.11 @ 5:26pm

    I really like the everything image at the end… for only 5 seconds it sure was entertaining!

  • booyabuddie 12.13.10 @ 7:00pm

    why do i keep coming back and watching this every couple months?

  • bed bugs infestation 10.09.10 @ 8:40am

    OMG! This is so funny! The funniest video ever!

  • bed bugs infestation 10.09.10 @ 8:35am

    This is the funniest one!

  • bed bugs infestation 10.07.10 @ 10:43am

    LOL! Didn’t expect that! So funny

  • lavunte 09.20.10 @ 4:46pm

    was that the thriller costume michael jackson was wearin???lol

  • Anom 09.12.10 @ 5:08pm

    Everything….Describes me!

  • ts 08.29.10 @ 5:58am

    There are others that I like better, but no others have the addictive qualities of “everything…”

  • I want Brian. 06.19.10 @ 1:22pm

    i’ve heard that question before… and that answer… i wonder…

  • kitesmovie 06.06.10 @ 10:18pm

    very good concept

  • rekzie 05.20.10 @ 4:16pm’s the BOOYAKASHA that gets me everytime…his pose..his hair… hahaha

  • Tinkerbell 03.19.10 @ 3:24pm

    This one changed the meaning of the word Everything for me.

  • Ryan 03.18.10 @ 10:12am

    LOL, watched this one over and over about 20 times! Everything about that ending is so god damn classic, especially his expression. This is easily my favorite! Make more crazy random hippie vids like this plzzzzzzz

    oh and +1 vote for Olivia topless ; )

  • Turtle 03.15.10 @ 5:07pm

    He could have recycled…

  • SwitcherRoo 03.14.10 @ 12:21pm

    The fame that goes with wealth and beauty is fleeting and fragile; intellectual superiority is a possession glorious and eternal.—- Sallust

  • K.K. Ph.D 03.07.10 @ 1:46am

    Reminds me of Menlo.

  • van 02.07.10 @ 6:54pm

    I have not stopped laughing…Oh the triumphhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Ellie 01.21.10 @ 5:27pm

    That’s not a toilet brush. It’s used for cleaning circular dishes like bowls and cups (well, that’s what I use it for).

  • A Random Encounter 01.21.10 @ 3:03pm


  • Johaimes 01.21.10 @ 2:33pm

    Booyakasha? Ali G. reference? raspberry

  • Your Biological Father 01.21.10 @ 10:56am

    Wow, Ben really looks like Justin Long at the end there.

  • Kevin 01.21.10 @ 10:10am

    What’s wrong with him?
    He’s sick of eating out of dishes cleaned with a toilet brush.

  • Arabian 01.21.10 @ 9:12am

    The expression on Ben’s face is amazing.  Fuckin great, you guys.

  • Nichfoolas 01.21.10 @ 8:44am

    I can imagine the direction behind this one…
    “Ben, just do your best Prince impression”...
    “Simmons, you’re a genius!”

  • Boo Yaka 01.21.10 @ 8:03am

    stop making short films about my life you bastards

  • EC7 01.21.10 @ 6:28am

    I like how he almost missed

  • Justina Bravo 01.21.10 @ 6:13am

    One of the perfect, absurd 5sf’s.  Premise, twist, and the prestige. 

    Beautifully executed.  Bravo

  • Russian 01.21.10 @ 3:02am


  • JDK4 01.21.10 @ 2:45am

    ^ i agree with myself.

  • JDK4 01.21.10 @ 2:44am

    hahah this is fuckin hilarious.

  • Nickloves5SF 01.21.10 @ 1:13am

    XD i’m totally doing that next time I put something in the bin

  • Jake 01.20.10 @ 11:09pm

    Wow. That is updated quickly.

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