Boss Greedwell’s Deathbed Wish

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Even with their lawyer present to agree that Greedwell's 8-bit Dolby voice made it sound a bit like "MARRY me with my money" (in which case, a simple prenuptial agreement signed in the money's stead could have freed up Greedwell's fortunes), the SNES version came with subtitles that clearly instructed players to "BURY" him with it. Still, Steve got a 1-UP, which will serve him well in the next level.


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  • medyum 10.06.11 @ 2:16pm

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  • Gopu 11.04.10 @ 8:36am


  • dev 06.17.10 @ 11:45pm

    can you guys make an Amazon Trail 5sf? BZZZZZWAPOUCH THAT HURT

  • Pepo 06.13.10 @ 6:37pm

    I love this. Sunset Riders!!! Soo funny, these guys have the best ideas

  • hunter 03.19.10 @ 10:31pm

    This is the first sunset riders reference I have ever seen on the internet… I can died happy

  • CraneMask 12.22.09 @ 2:37pm

    I love this game

  • Gamegeneral 12.19.09 @ 12:46am

    I have a sudden urge to go to the roller-rink nearby where I’m SURE there’s still a sunset riders machine.

  • shmoe 12.13.09 @ 5:13pm

    hahah the best game ever

  • john 12.07.09 @ 7:02pm

    i effing love that game.  cormano ftw.

  • Carth 11.27.09 @ 7:10pm

    @Rastamussen- You’re not crazy, I saw it too! Made the thing as a whole even more surreal…

  • "The Kyle Touch" 11.27.09 @ 9:44am

    Wow, player 3 sucked.  1 percent?

  • R.A.I.U. 11.26.09 @ 11:46pm

    8-bit awesomeness never dies

  • Saikyo Mog 11.26.09 @ 6:39am

    Too awesome for words…..

  • Rastamussen 11.25.09 @ 5:22pm

    ok…. i swear to god there was a floating head at the end for a few seconds after the end of the film…. but its not there anymore… plz tell me others saw it too

  • Dash 11.25.09 @ 9:59am

    LOL, Cormano never gets any love…

  • Vyxor 11.25.09 @ 9:31am

    Wow.  The more Konami beat-em-ups work their way into your work, the better.

  • Herring! 11.25.09 @ 8:37am

    lol SHIBBY fail

  • SHIBBY 11.25.09 @ 7:53am


  • Ray 11.25.09 @ 6:51am

    ohhh man, i have so many hours invested into that game it’s not even funny.  well played!

  • Rastamussen 11.25.09 @ 6:38am


  • Dan 11.24.09 @ 11:48pm

    Oh my living crap, yes! Sunset Riders was my favorite arcade game growing up, and this just . . . wow, you guys are always amazing.

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