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Bowzer previously signed his owner up for the National Guard, listed him in the local sex offender registry, and artfully directed a runaway boulder into his company carpool. But this, this is...well, maybe the last straw. Second to last straw. Or not.


  • TheDew 01.21.13 @ 9:26pm

    Those bitches!

  • Kainlarsen 06.10.11 @ 2:55pm

    Did she… take the knot?;D

  • nicklikesmilk 03.19.11 @ 12:35am

    lmao.  The look on the dog’s face is the best

  • Ian 03.03.11 @ 9:15am

    Good dog.

    capcha: behind28

  • Random COD Player 11.08.10 @ 6:22am

    I see my dog doing this

  • merryxmas 08.06.10 @ 9:49am

    mmmmmmm naked Olivia.

  • ModelOZX 07.12.10 @ 5:20am

    I absoultely HATE it when stuff like this happens. Makes me want to kill something.

  • onReload 05.25.10 @ 1:38pm

    ringo is copping a feel here…was that intentional or did he just go for it?

  • Sylvain Racicot 05.22.10 @ 10:07pm

    Oh, how sweet, bestiality… She sure is smiling!

  • The Sentient Houseplant 05.18.10 @ 5:30pm

    And then the plants shoved the dogs into the toilets.

  • k.diesel 03.21.10 @ 12:34pm

    in case you are a dog,its awesomely great to have the skills to put your beholder in a cage and stand over his girlfriend recording yourself on camera.also the whole reaction of this dude shows that Bowser has done this several times.

  • the one and only... 11.27.09 @ 7:01am

    he’s naked, except for his socks!!!

    really classy Mr. Sandoval. really classy.

  • Brendaneon 07.14.09 @ 11:43am

    he’s….  NACKED!!  ;(  EWWWWWWWW!!!!  STECKER!

  • Chainslaw 07.10.09 @ 8:03am

    I see series potential!

  • hmmm??? 07.08.09 @ 8:14am

    Lol! I love this flim, the only problem with this though is that 5SF should use less bedsheets!

  • Random GUY 06.27.09 @ 5:07pm

    All I want to know if that chick is available

  • D 06.25.09 @ 8:54am

    hahaha… Ringo looks so happy.

  • Jose Jose 06.23.09 @ 8:57pm

    Whichever of you guys is hooked up with that chick…kudos man. Mad props. press53.

  • Your Biological Father 06.23.09 @ 11:07am

    myturnagain - the gag is that the dog put the guy into the cage in the yard while he was sleeping.  He obviously sleeps in his boxers & socks.  It wouldn’t make sense if he were clothed.  The only cloth-related issue I have with this 5sf is that the bedsheets are not transparent.

  • Shmoe 06.23.09 @ 10:50am

    hahah that Bowzer, he always gets the girl.

  • Jim 06.23.09 @ 8:43am

    come on, man…clothed is no way to go through life!

  • myturnagain 06.23.09 @ 8:31am

    These guys sure like to get naked alot….

  • pickle 06.23.09 @ 7:38am

    he actually prefers james’s leg. and when his red rocket comes out, everyone run.

  • Your Biological Father 06.23.09 @ 5:31am

    Lucky dog.

  • Earthbreaker 06.23.09 @ 5:05am

    Dog got tired of other people getting the credit for it’s beer

  • Bonegina 06.23.09 @ 4:45am

    Oh I think she cares.  wink

    Bravo.  Quality 5sf today.

  • o8643 06.23.09 @ 4:05am

    The way she’s smiling, it almost looks like she doesn’t know. Or doesn’t care.

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