Brain Transplant

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To be fair, a girl being bad at giving handjobs is like a man being bad at pairing off a cute skirt with chunky shoes. If you're actually good at it, it says something about you that you might not want to be said.


  • Venice 10.18.14 @ 2:21am

    Very funny video, but does not discuss tastes . Each person has certain preferences regarding the physical features of persons of the opposite sex.

  • James2014 06.26.14 @ 6:08am

    Easily, the article is actually the best topic on this registry related issue.

  • nguyenhaiduya 05.26.14 @ 9:15pm

    I laughed heartily, I just hate all those lamedick acronyms like ‘LOL’. may do huyet ap co, máy trợ thính giá rẻ, may xong mui hong, may do huyet ap gia re, máy thử đường huyết

  • linh1212 05.17.14 @ 1:46am

    Have you always wondered why they transplant the voice box as well as the brain?
    dieu hoa nhiet do
    dieu hoa daikin
    dieu hoa mitsubishi
    dieu hoa khong khi

  • yoyomom 09.04.12 @ 7:16am

    This ain’t the first time a guy became Kelsey.

  • Ethan 07.25.12 @ 4:52pm


  • EvilTaco 07.14.12 @ 4:54pm

    Dear God, Mary, Baby Jesus, and Joseph, I didn’t think Kelsey could get any hotter either.
    The operation must be done.

  • beener 06.28.12 @ 8:18pm

    I thought Kelsey was his sister…

  • lactating kumquat 06.21.12 @ 2:09am

    Oh don’t mind me, just being illiterate.

  • Roberto 06.20.12 @ 8:14am

    Terrible at HJs?  Then how come you’re still in the entertainment industry?  Its a tugjob-based economy.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 06.19.12 @ 2:13pm

    @Riley: well, that and the fact that she would now have body hair and a penis.

    /late login, sorry
    //I give this video four good squeezes and a hurrhurr

  • JAnglican 06.18.12 @ 9:57pm

    FYI Paul - you’ve got some lip quiver when your brain is saying Rouss’s line. Oops.

  • lactating_kumquat 06.18.12 @ 7:43pm

    @lactating kumquat no that’s not and you stole my name bitch

  • played it like 06.18.12 @ 7:32pm


  • lactating kumquat 06.18.12 @ 7:30pm

    is it odd that this caused my balls to drop and give me a boner at the same time?
    ps tits

  • tron 06.18.12 @ 5:32pm

    Description nailed it.

  • Riley Horne 06.18.12 @ 12:40pm

    Hopefully this new revelation of Kelly’s poor handjob skills will eliminate at least a couple of guys off her ever-growing list of stalkers

  • Srsly tho 06.18.12 @ 11:56am

    Have you always wondered why they transplant the voice box as well as the brain?

  • franks1no 06.18.12 @ 11:55am

    fan service

  • the_nozzle_poots 06.18.12 @ 10:36am

    How bad can you be, really?

  • padurn 06.18.12 @ 5:52am

    Practice at least once a day.

  • BigSoph 06.18.12 @ 5:23am

    Well, you know what they say about being terrible at hand jobs…

    I don’t know, I am an expert!

    on me…

    Now I made me sad

  • Here's the thing,... 06.18.12 @ 4:06am

    If ‘he’ did it for ‘her’, would that be gay? It’s sort of confusing.

  • Here's the thing,... 06.18.12 @ 4:00am

    That was very funny. No, honestly, I laughed heartily, I just hate all those lamedick acronyms like ‘LOL’

  • alexdhenley 06.18.12 @ 3:10am

    I thought this would end in Pauly P naked.

    yea, i dont know where i was going with that.

  • kalvynevans 06.18.12 @ 1:55am

    I’m sure you aren’t really that bad. Even if you are, I’m sure we can give you pointers.

  • Oatmeal 06.18.12 @ 1:27am

    That it would take a brain transplant for a girl to admit that… its kinda sad in a way.

  • Sven Otis Scott McGillicuddy Tate Jr. 06.18.12 @ 1:15am

    Nice tits-

    I like ‘em hairy.

  • ibs2pid 06.18.12 @ 12:43am

    i giggled.

  • Scottie Pilgrim 06.18.12 @ 12:18am

    Dear Kelsey Gunn,

    thanks for the fan treat.

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