Bringing Home the Bacon

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At the end of the day, it's all about who you come home to. Who you spend your nights oinking with. That's what matters.


  • TheDew 01.21.13 @ 9:38pm

    Doesnt matter…had bacon

  • The Dr Monkey 10.07.11 @ 10:26am

    I just realized, that’s Morning Star Farms Fakin’ Bacon. You can tell by how pretty fake the color is haha. Only like 3 others noticed this haha

  • Rev 12.20.10 @ 4:40pm

    That’s definitely vegetarian bacon. I guess they’re not that far gone yet.

  • Me 07.29.10 @ 7:55pm

    Pigs do that irl.  They literally will eat anything given to them, no matter what.

  • Bahahahahahah 07.14.10 @ 5:14am

    Hmmm…probably better than portraying cannibalistic Jews?

  • song? 05.19.10 @ 12:31pm

    What’s the name of the song at the end?

  • ASDF 02.26.10 @ 8:51pm

    that was vegetarian bacon my wife buys that crap all the time

  • MineTruly 01.22.10 @ 5:51pm

    I agree, that looks like vegetarian bacon. They’re ashamed that the real cannibals will laugh at them for being total dorks.

  • holly 12.28.09 @ 8:46pm

    that looks just like morning star vegetarian bacon. it doess :]

  • Noranda Pete 11.11.09 @ 11:23am

    I do anal!!! Ouppss wrong 5sf

  • Arice 09.26.09 @ 5:14pm

    It could have been turkey bacon.

  • o8643 07.25.09 @ 2:58pm

    Makes me wonder if human cannibals eat human flesh by candle light.

  • Grevion 07.19.09 @ 7:07pm

    Wow, that was ball-shrivelingly creepy

  • Nigel 07.19.09 @ 3:09pm

    Wait….was that Tom Watson??

  • hmmm??? 07.18.09 @ 5:06pm

    Whoa wtf??

  • Mollz 07.18.09 @ 4:22pm


  • Jay Remy 07.18.09 @ 9:07am

    They should have gotten Jon Worley to cook it with his demon breath.

  • zambo. 07.17.09 @ 1:13pm

    What will the neighbors say if they ever find out they don’t keep kosher!?

  • Your Biological Father 07.17.09 @ 11:45am

    all I can think of is how gross it must have been for the actors to gorge on that crap

  • ThisLittlePiggy 07.17.09 @ 9:31am

    I guess he went to market and cried “wee! wee! wee!” all the way home. And forget about that Roast Beef bullshit.

    The first horror 5sf—truly disturbing.

  • tricky pete 07.17.09 @ 9:30am

    y’know, I hear bacon tastes like people…

  • moog 07.17.09 @ 8:56am

    Haha… oh man… this is soooo wrong. order71

  • man living in your sink 07.17.09 @ 7:29am

    well bacon is addictive…

  • Jim 07.17.09 @ 6:13am


  • Bigwes 07.17.09 @ 5:56am

    WTF?!?! HAHA!!!

  • Enabsflow 07.17.09 @ 5:52am

    How the Jews view Nazis.

  • Earthbreaker 07.17.09 @ 3:45am

    Ok god, that really is cannibalism! well pointed out iamjohnbeck

  • PA 07.17.09 @ 3:25am

    that was WTF all over the place.

  • iamjohnbeck 07.17.09 @ 12:57am

    Pigs eating bacon? That’s not kosher!

  • FIRST 07.16.09 @ 11:11pm

    lol pun’d

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