Burn the Witch

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"Things are really heating up for poor Kelsey, aren't they? Just thinking about her fiery fate gives me the chills! Wait, that doesn't make any sense! Maybe it has something to do with the scare conditioning in this dungeon! Bahahahahahahaha!!"


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  • Ben Gigli 10.23.11 @ 11:26pm

    @Choosing The Right Tire

    This is a custom theme we built ourselves with a fair amount of modification. Thanks for liking the theme, we’re pretty happy with how it turned out.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 11.01.10 @ 1:00pm

    Perhaps we should burn bitches.  Just a suggestion.

  • Purveyor of Hats 10.27.10 @ 3:58am


    I saw both of the tricorn hats in the video at an iparty, literally yesterday.

    That should be the first place you check.

    P.S. They were the exact same ones.

  • SputNik 10.27.10 @ 3:28am

    O.o I envy you Grae! No, out here we don’t have any on the quality stuff like that, sad to say, but thanks!

  • Grae 10.26.10 @ 11:56pm

    @SputNik try your local costume shop, halloween store. My local ones have then, not cheap but they have them.

  • SputNik 10.26.10 @ 8:28pm

    @Random and @Me

    genius guys, time travel it is. Of course if i ever became a millionaire plauboy, i could buy as many hats as i wanted. that would be glorious. i would have my own tricorn hat manufacture company.

    but alas i am forced to time travel. i wont steal 5sf hats though, I’ll steal the originals… and muskets… and there will be blood

  • Ellie 10.26.10 @ 7:08pm


    Would a duck prove she’s not a bitch? Or does that all change because she’s a bitch?

  • Desvairada 10.26.10 @ 6:28pm

    No wonder.

  • Your Dad's Gay Lover 10.26.10 @ 4:50pm

    Just found this site. You guys pwn. Seriously. I love the fact that I can grasp your premises immediately. That takes talent. Also, you don’t drag it out for 15 min. like SNL. And your actresses are hot.

  • Johnny's Dad 10.26.10 @ 3:33pm

    now25 that’s, *adjusts petticoats* one hot bitch.

  • ts 10.26.10 @ 12:33pm

    looks like that relationship *puts on sunglasses* just went up in fl…OH GODDAM…YOU BASTARD YANKINOV!

  • ivan yankinov 10.26.10 @ 11:50am

    looks like that relationship *puts on sunglasses* just went up in fl…..OH GODDAMNED YOU SO MUCH VALJEAN24601

  • valjean24601 10.26.10 @ 11:39am

    looks like that relationship *puts on sunglasses* just went up in flames!

  • theperson 10.26.10 @ 11:38am

    looks like that fine piece of meats gonna *puts on tri-cornered hat* burn at the steak!

  • BossBear 10.26.10 @ 10:37am

    when the skeleton appeared41 to read the title i was already laughing

  • Jeffertonalive 10.26.10 @ 9:15am

    What is the meaning94 of this great stream of 5sfilms?

  • Dean 10.26.10 @ 8:43am



    ...sorry. You were doing it wrong. “Heat of the Moment” has one purpose, and one purpose only.

  • Smashfan 10.26.10 @ 8:15am

    Burn her anyway, I suppose… lol XD

  • vigorous anal sex 10.26.10 @ 8:02am

    Holding hands, skipping like a stone…

  • Gabriel 10.26.10 @ 7:36am

    Loved this. Feels like it came right out of an actual movie.
    Also, Ben nailed the nonchalant vibe hilariously.

  • BearJazz 10.26.10 @ 6:06am

    Looks like these guys *puts on Asia album* got caught in the heat of the moment. JOHN WHETTOOOOOOOOOOOOOON

  • kenneth 10.26.10 @ 6:03am

    looks like things *puts on witch hat* are realy heating up
    —takes of on broom—

  • That guy 10.26.10 @ 5:47am

    I don’t see how55 they could burn my girl Kelsey.

  • ME 10.26.10 @ 4:19am

    Yeah, just be careful with the WABAC machine… I hate it when they mess up the timeline and I’m stuck being a billionaire playboy jet-setting across the world surrounded by babes.

    ... On second thought, Fire up the WABAC!  We need more muskets with our Tricorn Hats!  And Give Washington an Uzi.

  • Random 10.26.10 @ 3:32am

    its simple just travel back in time and steal one of their hats!

  • SputNik 10.26.10 @ 2:54am

    This must have happened alot in 1700s England. Because bitch was an insult even then. Everyone knows that. 

    oh, and also:

    Dear Sirs and Madams, where do you get you tricorn hats from? I have been searching, but nowhere seems to sell them out here…

  • BigSoph 10.26.10 @ 1:50am

    Earn the itch!

  • Max 10.26.10 @ 1:05am

    Brilliant! I’m liking the skeleton storyteller announcement beforehand as well - hope that’s a regular thing for Halloween week smile

  • rekzie 10.26.10 @ 1:01am

    ...bicked bitch is bed…

  • Misheard 10.25.10 @ 11:57pm

    Nice. They misheard, but the guy just says burn her anyway.

  • Homer Simpson 10.25.10 @ 11:44pm


  • Slimebo 10.25.10 @ 11:43pm

    alright then.

    You so ugly, other men think you’re unattractive!

    Wait, that’s not what they meant, is it?

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