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Part 4 of Bummer Week.


  • kpenrdzrp 12.01.16 @ 11:28pm

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  • NoWorries 04.12.12 @ 5:07pm

    i think a sorrowful but supportive ‘atta girl, cassidy’ might have had more impact instead of having him describe the bummer to no one in particular

  • onReload 04.10.12 @ 9:41am

    Also, @MaybeYou, that’s one hell of a typo. Your post is a lot funnier with “harder” in there.

  • onReload 04.10.12 @ 9:40am

    I’m so glad you guys did this Bummer Week. Reminding me that you’re all still fucked in the head, and I love it.

  • MaybeYou 04.08.12 @ 11:39am


  • MaybeYou 04.08.12 @ 11:39am

    Reminded me of my old dog. We put carpet on the stairs so he would have a harder time getting up. At night I’d lay in my bed and hear him struggling up the stairs. Sometimes he’d fall down. I miss him.

  • Highlander 04.06.12 @ 7:41pm

    Weird I have those exact glasses.

  • babypuncher 04.06.12 @ 11:52am


  • That Was Too Obvious 04.05.12 @ 6:43pm

    You should have made it much more subtle. As it stands it’s a bit too blunt in what you’re trying to do.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 04.05.12 @ 5:54pm

    I give this video 5 “Old Yeller” sendoffs…

    /she’s still wagging tail happily smile

  • Master Bates 04.05.12 @ 3:50pm

    Only one thing left to do.

    *pumps shotgun*

  • Matchstickman 04.05.12 @ 2:54pm

    So are you

  • Adrià 04.05.12 @ 2:45pm

    Gooooooooooooooooooooood, you guys are making this week every day better and better.

  • hrolgur 04.05.12 @ 1:41pm

    There’s me. There’s my dog. It’s like I’m looking into a mirror.

    captcha: bummer29

  • Oatmeal 04.05.12 @ 1:41pm

    This one was actually kinda sad. But I bet that’s just how all dogs walk in weird stairs.

  • BMDNERD 04.05.12 @ 1:30pm

    And sadly, that means…..

  • Crindy 04.05.12 @ 1:12pm

    ...but Bummer Week is not.

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