Chad Ridderson’s First Day at Work

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Chad went on to overcome his deep sentimental attachment to those halcyon days of bodyshots, drunken stand-up paddleboard races and second-story ziplines, and he quickly rose up the ranks at SkremCorp. Promotion after promotion, Chad never lost sight of who he was, keeping that green notebook in his increasingly large, oaken desks wherever he went. As he grew older, it became a beacon of inspiration to himself and to many a Bro Hire that came through the SkremCorp doors. No one ever knew the contents of that seemingly magical notebook but Chad, and they were but a mere 11 words: "Have Dad Bribe My Superiors So I Don't Ever Get Fired."


  • cqaoioh 12.01.16 @ 11:37am

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  • acomak 02.01.13 @ 5:44am
  • ujikolsion 01.31.13 @ 2:31pm

    Whoever wrote the synopsis for this is a genius.

  • T-Bone Malone 01.31.13 @ 12:55am

    I hate stand-up paddleboarders.

  • TheonlyChuck 01.30.13 @ 11:01pm

    “Donate?!” whats all this donate Bologna?! what do i get if i do? can i have whats left of Rouss’s hair?

  • Cherub Cow 01.30.13 @ 10:11pm

    lol.. oh Brian, you complete me.

    Killer Bunnies, sorry to ruin the college surprise, but you will die of syphilis.
    Again, sry :(

  • Killer Bunnies 01.30.13 @ 8:49pm

    First time commenting on a 5sf video ever, so needless to say I’m nervous. So nervous. I’ve shat everywhere. But it’s okay, I’m going to edit and reedit this post until it has reached perfection. I’ve watched you guys for a long time now [seen all the videos, watched almost all of the comments of the week, enjoyed the longer sketches, and loled (“laughed out loud” to clear things up (it’s a generational thing, I’m sure you’ll get it someday (maybe you won’t cause you’ll be dead (cause you’re all old (I’m seventeen want my number))))) to the behind the scene footage] and I’m in love with you. Yes, you sitting there. I’ll be going off to college soon, so I thought it would be appropriate to have my first time be on this sketch (all over it, in fact). So without further adieu, here is my comment-sword through your sexy feminine body:
    This was funny and I laughed.

  • Brosef Stalin 01.30.13 @ 7:59pm

    The ladder to becoming a bross is harsh indeed.

  • Don Keyknuckle 01.30.13 @ 12:35pm

    @ Matt LeBlanc: Is that “fun” or just “unsettling”?

  • Matt LeBlanc 01.30.13 @ 10:20am

    Fun fact: A lion can mate 50 times in one day

  • Pastor Of Muppets 01.30.13 @ 9:12am

    @ 5dollarfootlong: I suspect that’s her “foreplay” voice.

    /I feel so used and dirty
    //but not so dirty that I can’t give this video four fist bumps and a kegger

  • 5dollarfootlong 01.30.13 @ 8:14am

    You let Maria talk to you like that?! If you don’t, I will.

  • Mystiquecon 01.30.13 @ 6:48am

    The work was grueling, the hours miserable, and the pay sub par. but Chad won the fight to be able to pop his collar on more than just “Casual Fridays”.

  • kerfaffle 01.30.13 @ 2:48am

    the hand cream and tissues on the shelf…obviously we know what brain will do to fill the notebook with research

  • UnknownTBeast 01.30.13 @ 12:37am

    College Is Gonna Be So Sweet. I’m going to ride my bike everywhere. What?! My bike got stolen! FUCK COLLEGE.

  • Kal 01.30.13 @ 12:11am

    Seems like brian and Maria are getting into some role playing.

  • LlamaQueen 01.30.13 @ 12:10am

    All that will be in that notebook will be doodles of naked secretaries and a layout for his dream Frat house to throw the bestest parties.

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