Chinese New Year

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Haha! Racist joke about writing checks! HahhahahaChina will bury us all.


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  • TattooFolk 03.02.13 @ 6:08pm

    Werry RICEIST.  I RIKE IT.  At least the Chinese (I hope) have enough sense of humor not to bomb and gas civilians who make jokes.

  • Herr Yuri 02.18.13 @ 6:01am

    @Cherub Cow That is the funniest thing I have read in a long time.

  • HeyListen 02.18.13 @ 12:54am

    This is Maria’s first costume! Does this mean it is automatically her favorite? Or her half-favorite>

  • Zach Bernal 02.17.13 @ 8:55pm

    Serves the Chinese right. Why the hell do they get their own year?

  • MatthiasKL 02.12.13 @ 11:57am

    God, so racist.  Way to ignore all the other races who celebrate the animal-themed new year.

    Course, I can’t recall the other ones.

    I guess my racial insensitivity outweighs your racial humor.

    Don’t worry, I’ll go stick my hands in a Chinese finger trap now.

    Damn it!  That was racist too!


  • Cherub Cow 02.12.13 @ 11:12am

    - “oh-ho-ho! I wrote the year is dragon but it [is] year of snake!”
    - “Whoa this is racist!”

  • Cant Hear 02.12.13 @ 9:24am

    I can’t understand what she’s saying at all :| Anyone want to help out?

  • Aidan Kelly 02.11.13 @ 7:27pm

    Ha-Hey!!! you guys actually posted my comment! i missed it the first time around but i saw it today! just wanted to say thanks and that i’m a huge fan. i’m gonna be straight with you, as you read my comment i was super nervous and felt stupid. but you know whatever now at least 35,000 people know my name. dont get the wrong impression though, im not married. the name aidan kelly was taken on youtube, so i upgraded to Mr

  • JimmyTheRapist 02.11.13 @ 7:18pm

    Thanks 5sf, I was unaware that there was a chinese new year. In fact, I was unaware that chinese people existed. I thought it was just a fancy name for a weird type of food. Go figure.

  • Brosef Stalin 02.11.13 @ 3:23pm

    Where will racist jokes go from here now that we have self-referentially racist jokes.

  • 02.11.13 @ 12:56pm


  • Cherub Cow 02.11.13 @ 11:42am

    Disgusted, Kelsey returned 5 seconds later in black face:
    “It’s February; let’s do this RIGHT”

  • TheChao 02.11.13 @ 11:33am

    At least you can easily fix the dragon to look like a snake. Crisis averted.

  • Kalvyn Evans 02.11.13 @ 10:40am

    Dimo Higgens! No habla es gobliano!

  • T-Bone Malone 02.11.13 @ 8:52am

    Is that a checkbook balancing party?

  • Pastor of Muppets 02.11.13 @ 7:53am

    @ ThatGuy: It’s more lacist than racist.

    /I give this video two visits from the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Chinese People) and pee pee in your Coke

  • ThatGuy 02.11.13 @ 5:17am

    Why is this racist?

  • The Humans are coming 02.11.13 @ 2:51am

    It looks like Dimo Higgins is scoring in the Chinese sector. He’ll be conquering Russia next.

  • AverageJoe 02.11.13 @ 1:41am

    Also, apparently Dimo Higgins is a more successful attorney than I thought…

    ...I need to collect my thoughts into one comment next time.

  • AverageJoe 02.11.13 @ 1:21am

    ...find it funny that* in this five-second scenario…

    There, if I accidentally came off as rude, you can rag on me for making a grammar mistake.

  • AverageJoe 02.11.13 @ 1:18am

    I’m not the kind of guy that points out mistakes just to be a dick, and this is in no way insulting you guys at all. I just can’t help but find it funny in this five-second scenario, the Chinese character for dragon is just… a drawing of a dragon.

    China, home of the hieroglyph, just down the road from Poland.

  • Kalvyn Evans 02.11.13 @ 12:21am

    And it takes so long to erase it.

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