Clark Kent’s Close Call

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At the Daily Planet's white elephant Christmas party, Clark wound up getting the gag gift: A pair of dorky, oversized, Stay-On glasses and a custom shirt with the words Definitely Not Superman puff-painted on. "Very funny, everyone," he chuckled a little too loudly. "Very funny indeed."


  • wykyviu 11.30.16 @ 5:57am

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  • Man Solo 01.03.12 @ 12:53pm

    Los Angeles =/= Metropolis.

  • Amok 06.06.11 @ 8:50pm

    This was so funny it was posted to the Senor Gif and Superheroes portals of

  • superwookee 06.05.11 @ 8:49pm

    So Superman sees Wonder Woman tanning in the nude. He thinks, “I’m faster than a speeding bullet. I can be done before she knows it.” So he swoops in and wham bam thank you mam. Wonder Woman says, “What was that?” to which the Invisible man replies, ” I don’t know but my ass is killing me!” /rimshot

  • balloonbomb 06.04.11 @ 7:41pm

    This is the funniest fucking thing ever!

  • Domay 06.04.11 @ 3:33pm

    Help! T_T i cant see any videos, always just a black screen and nothing is loading.., anyone any idea what to do?

  • Mike J. 06.04.11 @ 1:23pm

    @RenalFailure: That question was asked and answered many, many years ago. wink

  • DoggySpew 06.04.11 @ 5:51am

    @Watch Superman 3

    Clearly, you don’t know that Superman is a dick.

  • C-Pain 06.03.11 @ 7:50pm

    So superman is manly abe lincoln look alike?

  • Matthew Perry 06.03.11 @ 7:28pm

    Too easy55

  • @ Renal Failure 06.03.11 @ 6:08pm

    Penthouse answered that question years ago. The answer is yes.

  • Watch Superman 3 06.03.11 @ 5:21pm

    Clearly no one here has seen it. Superman, as always, has the power of memory erasing. Or the power to pick up a continent of kryptonite. WTF batman all the way.

  • shmeshmeh 06.03.11 @ 4:29pm

    when hancock had sex in his famous movie “Hancock,” starring Will Smith, he ejaculated through the roof i kid you not.

  • Clark Kent 06.03.11 @ 4:27pm

    I don’t get this.

  • Schmeal 06.03.11 @ 4:17pm

    Ha, laughed out loud. This makes up for “save the date”

  • wererat 06.03.11 @ 2:43pm

    couldn’t he just shove his tounge down his throught to make him forget?

    worked on lois.

  • TeGaMi 06.03.11 @ 2:26pm

    JUST thought of something. Superman could be tripped.

  • TeGaMi 06.03.11 @ 2:24pm

    This is classic. Kal-El’s only disguise was his hat and glasses, so naturally anyone who saw Superman’s face would know.

  • ivegotabroner 06.03.11 @ 10:53am

    Haha, you can still see his chin after he blows his head off!

  • TAGER 06.03.11 @ 9:40am

    I wondered, does the flash’s speed ever get in the way of that? I mean, you’d imagine he’d finish83 early.

  • Im English48 06.03.11 @ 7:43am

    5 Seconds > Smallville.

  • Mike 06.03.11 @ 4:40am

    I haven’t laughed out loud in a long time. That was great.

  • TheONLYchuck 06.03.11 @ 4:17am

    im saying56 he shoots a laser out of his genitalia when he climaxes.

  • Alceister 06.03.11 @ 2:45am

    Alternately, he could have punched the guy so hard that he goes into a coma.

  • Rowas 06.03.11 @ 2:07am

    Since this is going to go off on a tangent, I will humor this idea. The prospect of superheroes engaging in sexual activity is always amusing to think about.
    Superman would have speed and stamina beyond any normal human, so I think it would take a while before he “cums”. I don’t know if Lois would be able to withstand that, even though women statistically are able to last much longer than men with multiple orgasms.

    Other superheroes would have more interesting issues in that area, but overall, Superman does not have any problems besides being the most desirable man to have sex with (If his drive really is that way).
    I don’t think its necessary to discuss this further. Keep it “PG” people. lol

  • RenalFailure 06.03.11 @ 1:51am

    I always wondered if Superman cumming into Lois would basically rip a hole right through her.

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