Clone Machine Havoc

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Deep down, Adrian couldn't bear to destroy it. He just had to...disable it. Temporarily. Until the situation was rectified. Dammit man, it was for the good of science! It would be the boys' ultimate undoing.


  • Bear Tours 05.31.13 @ 3:21am

    This is so funny!
    <a >Bear Tours</a>

  • TheDew 01.17.13 @ 2:49pm

    So did he?

  • no one 04.02.11 @ 6:26pm


  • Random COD Player 11.04.10 @ 10:03am

    I see this happening to me

  • wererat2000 09.17.10 @ 2:01am

    damn, i think weird al, and miss the painfully obvios calvin and hobbes reference!

  • whitechocolate207 09.15.10 @ 9:58pm

    Calvin and hobbes!

  • wererat2000 04.07.10 @ 3:40pm

    isn’t it strange!
    feels like i’m looking in the mirror!
    what would people say?
    if only they knew i was part of some genesist plan!
    born to be a carbon-copy man!

  • cronin_burger 03.20.10 @ 9:19am

    hahaha, too rich. 8/10

  • MineTruly 01.24.10 @ 2:51pm

    At first I thought this was patent infringement on the duplicator invented by Dr. Calvin, but then I noticed the brilliant modification wherein the opening is on the top and not the side.

    While your top-opening modification may be original, you still do not have permission to use the patented “corrugated cardboard construction.”

    I see that you didn’t go so far as to violate Dr. Calvin’s patent on the addition of an ethicator to prevent precisely the problem you’re currently having with the clones.

  • MineTruly 01.24.10 @ 2:44pm

    Get the clones naked. THAT would be fantastic.

  • Kid Who Crapped His Pants 10.26.09 @ 4:30pm

    That looks exactly like my neighborhood every day but - the clones and + more guns and no I don’t live in Afganistan

  • Carth 07.23.09 @ 12:53pm

    1,000 clones of Brian. I can’t tell if that’s horrifying or fantastic.

  • man living in your sink 06.26.09 @ 7:11am

    is that all the same guy at the end?

  • boom-shakalaka 06.20.09 @ 12:45pm

    shoot em clones!!

  • minuteman 02.03.09 @ 1:07pm

    lol this one is funny.

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