Coming of Age

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I never did have friends like the ones I did when I was twelve. Gorlac, does anyone?


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  • TheDew 01.19.13 @ 5:23am

    Brian had diabetes?

  • Ian 04.06.12 @ 12:16pm


  • Justin Wright 12.09.11 @ 4:11pm

    Do you really feel that Syria spying on dissidents?

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    Hah, Italy demonstrators rally against Berlusconi

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  • SARONG 06.04.11 @ 12:54am

    I was starting to give up hope, but this one killed me.  Especially the music.  Made me lol in the library Forrester man! Thank.

  • SARONG 06.03.11 @ 11:20am

    I was starting to give up hope, but this one killed me.  Especially the music.  Made me lol in the library Forrester man! Thank.

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    I love it nice work!

  • EviL EsKiMo 01.18.11 @ 4:48pm

    that was a year52 to remember

  • SputNik 11.01.10 @ 11:12pm


    whats the song called?

  • Toasted 10.28.10 @ 12:40pm

    This song came on the radio at work and I nearly crapped my pants.

  • term papers 10.19.10 @ 12:45am

    This video is great!

  • SputNik 10.06.10 @ 7:33pm

    has to be the greatest parody of Lean on Me ever! one of my most beloved 5sf

  • lavunte 09.19.10 @ 2:38am

    Was that so Sandlot??? You guys are classic…

  • JohnIsAFatBastard 08.31.10 @ 10:27pm

    You’re all wrong. The film being spoofed is The Graduate. I think we all remember the classic line: “Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Gorlac?”

  • MoleKingQ 08.31.10 @ 6:18am

    The little things underneath ruin them. Probably good though if I hadn’t read it the video would have killed me.

  • wererat2000 08.31.10 @ 5:07am

    i wish gorlac would come back, he was a great actor.

  • essay writing 08.26.10 @ 5:20am

    It is amazing!

  • Naomi the Insane 08.11.10 @ 9:18pm

    It’s from Sandlot, but the song and comment are from Stand By Me. O_o

  • Andrew 04.07.10 @ 2:28pm

    I was starting to give up hope, but this one killed me.  Especially the music.  Made me lol in the library forrealzies man!.

  • Mochme 03.30.10 @ 12:34am

    LOL gorlak again

  • The_Crazed_Madman 03.22.10 @ 4:49pm

    Not Worth top rated….sigh.

  • cronin_burger 02.20.10 @ 9:35am

    More Gorlac! 9/10

  • MineTruly 02.18.10 @ 3:18pm

    THIS got top rated?

  • Maddison 01.23.10 @ 8:36am


  • ... 01.08.10 @ 1:24pm

    wtf i dont get it

  • NexPravus 11.11.09 @ 3:24am

    I think Thomas Pynchon’s leaving rambling comments on random videos.

  • Rolf 11.09.09 @ 2:56am

    I think you need a character limit for your comments.

  • The Leetnes 10.10.09 @ 7:00pm

    I don’t get it I am so confused I should watch this video until I
    I understand

  • onRe 08.30.09 @ 4:53pm

    It’s a sandlot parody but the text under the video is from Stand by Me. So, we can consider this page to be a spoof of coming-of-age films.

    But really it’s a sandlot parody.

  • soundgardenlover 08.19.09 @ 7:40pm

    im pretty sure its black hole sun guys

  • T-SWIFT 08.12.09 @ 9:33pm

    i do agree with j that guy is a total mother licker

  • Brendaneon 07.14.09 @ 11:29am

    :/ what is this about????!!!!!

  • lithiumlilly 07.06.09 @ 4:02pm

    It’s “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King. And Sandlot parodies are totally sweet.

  • j 07.01.09 @ 10:19am

    whoever thought it was black hole sun at the end is a window licker.

  • kazhe 06.30.09 @ 3:33pm

    hahah i love the sandlot

  • nomnommaster 06.23.09 @ 6:05pm


  • nomnommaster 06.23.09 @ 6:05pm


  • Trevor Jenkins 06.23.09 @ 7:51am


  • mR. smithers 06.20.09 @ 9:09am

    if they are making fun of Stand By Me, I think Gorlak is the fat kid

  • Pablo 06.19.09 @ 11:05am

    The song is “Stand By Me” by Ben King and they’re makin’ fun of “Stand By Me” the Stephen King Movie.  It’s massively Epic!

  • Awsum Pawsum Cherry Blawsum 06.18.09 @ 7:32pm

    The song at the end is the beginning of “Black Hole Sun” by soundgarden.

  • Maria 06.16.09 @ 1:51am

    My favourite by far - hilarious!

  • kira 06.04.09 @ 10:43am

    sandlot ftw <3

  • man living in your sink 06.01.09 @ 4:45pm

    That’ll do Gorlac…        that’ll do…

  • god 05.21.09 @ 12:28pm

    Nevermind. Sandlot. Lifeguard comment/vietnam.

  • god 05.21.09 @ 12:27pm

    Mocking stand by me I thought…

  • Carlos 05.20.09 @ 3:34pm

    This is mocking The Sandlot. Duh.

  • that's mister dude to you 05.19.09 @ 12:57pm

    all of them, I think…

  • Amok 05.19.09 @ 12:47pm

    So, this is mocking which movie?

  • Blahhhhhh 04.26.09 @ 12:17pm

    Stand By Me, idk who the artist is but look up the Stand By Me soundtrack and you’ll find it

  • Hannah Mariposa 04.26.09 @ 1:24am

    anyone know what song comes in at the end?

  • K.K. Ph.D 04.24.09 @ 12:55pm

    how true

  • dene 02.20.09 @ 11:45pm

    lololol. amazing.

  • Grand Galactic Inquisitor 02.09.09 @ 3:04pm


  • Shmoe 02.06.09 @ 10:48am

    hahahahahah genius

  • moog 02.06.09 @ 10:14am

    Wait… if Brian never came back from Vietnam… then who’s narrating? Oh my god…!

  • that's ma dick! 02.06.09 @ 5:59am

    genius, one of the very best.

  • ??? 02.06.09 @ 5:51am

    He always had that dream of enslaving us. It’s great to see he pushed foward to obtain that dream.

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