Cooking With Crazy!!!

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NBC bought 28 comedy pilots last month. This is not one of them.


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  • Brooke Rousselet 02.17.12 @ 11:38am

    Michael upside down…and this MUST be Weirld Al

  • Bill Swerski's Super Fan 02.16.12 @ 4:04pm

    The video HAS to be 5 seconds long.  Any longer and Weird Al’s unfiltered awesomeness would have melted your monitor.

    Sheesh, everyone knows that Weird Al has to be filmed through cameras with special protective lenses. Normal cameras can’t withstand the intensity.

    He also summons small household items with his mind.

  • Ahmun 02.14.12 @ 4:06am

    In reality, there was nothing in the room other than 4 padded walls

  • riley howard 02.13.12 @ 8:00pm

    how the hell did you manage to get wierd al on this!?

  • Alpy 02.13.12 @ 12:23am

    Weird al Yankovich, hell yeah!

  • IKe 02.12.12 @ 11:41am

    Praise be Weird Al Yankovich

  • Raz 02.11.12 @ 1:24pm


  • The Crimson Storm 02.10.12 @ 9:05pm

    It’s a damn shame only 368 people currently like this video.

    What is wrong with you people?

  • Classy Sass 02.09.12 @ 3:03pm

    Weird Al?!?!? Holy crap I didn’t think this site could get any better! XDDD

  • Jeremy 02.09.12 @ 2:02pm

    As of this video, I now recognize 5sf as the kings of entertainment. So it is written, so shall it be done.

  • Not Mel Gibson 02.08.12 @ 5:45pm

    When I saw Patton on your videos I thought things couldn’t get any better.

      I’ve never been so happy to be proven wrong,

  • Debbie 02.08.12 @ 8:58am

    If Al released his Cooking with Crazy video as a full length film, I’d be happy to pay 10 bucks (as well as a diet coke and a medium popcorn) to watch his 5 second video 1440 times. Maybe a double featue with UHF?

  • Addison Reed 02.08.12 @ 4:24am

    When Weird Al posted this on Twitter… I was speechless…

  • Kyle 02.08.12 @ 1:21am

    Five seconds isn’t enough to contain Weird Al.  Needs more seconds.

  • GreatEvilBetty 02.07.12 @ 9:41pm

    That was incredible. Was not expecting Weird Al on 5sf. So awesome.

  • DrClown 02.07.12 @ 9:07pm

    needs more mercury

  • Ido013 02.07.12 @ 5:08pm

    Is that really Weird Al?

  • Mark 02.07.12 @ 4:48pm

    the master.

  • Harsh_Word 02.07.12 @ 4:35pm

    Incidentally, I notice he’s using an old lightbulb as opposed to a modern energy saving one. Watch the calories there, Al.

  • Harsh_Word 02.07.12 @ 4:34pm

    Ahhh, fish sock linguine with lightbulb sauce. Just like Mama used to make.

  • javalin597 02.07.12 @ 3:29pm

    ...Hi Weird AL

  • Ian 02.07.12 @ 2:03pm

    WEIRD AL!!!

  • tron 02.07.12 @ 1:49pm

    I’d watch this.  Especially since it obviously belongs on UHF.

  • Rick 02.07.12 @ 1:01pm

    Weird. ****ING. Al. 5SF, you just found a way to make awesome ever more some.

  • Rachel 02.07.12 @ 12:40pm

    This was wonderful

  • Chef JoAnna 02.07.12 @ 12:12pm

    I’d *LOVE* to cook for Weird Al & his family.

  • lynzi 02.07.12 @ 11:24am

    damn near pissed meself

  • Thor-axe 02.07.12 @ 11:15am

    Weird Al is awesome. Weird Al in a straight jacket, that’s just pure fucking win.

  • Cloven 02.07.12 @ 9:22am

    Add some hot sauce, I’ll eat it.
    This is now my most favourite 5sf ever!

  • Matthew Perry 02.07.12 @ 9:13am

    I have the same picture58 of upside-down demon Rouss hanging in my kitchen.

  • Robert 02.07.12 @ 8:27am

    So thats where Weird Al has been…hog tied up and given espresso until he got the take right.

    Good to know.

  • Mr. Q 02.07.12 @ 8:13am

    We’re always cooking with crazy when Weird Al is involved! Pass the Awesome Sauce!

  • padurn 02.07.12 @ 7:32am

    Also, all my years of reading Highlights has made me able to spot the upside down Michael - which is crazy.

  • padurn 02.07.12 @ 7:31am

    That is my Grandma’s puddin’ recipe.

  • Jake 02.07.12 @ 6:39am

    I’m just glad to see Weird Al is finding work. Good for him.

  • BigSoph 02.07.12 @ 6:39am

    I stand before 5SF in awe

    From a bunch of nobodies producing videos of questionable quality you have evolved into a major force in online content, with amazing guest stars, high quality and interesting ideas

  • JimmyS 02.07.12 @ 6:15am

    That was awesome, that was Weird Al doing a 5sf

  • Jeremy 02.07.12 @ 6:05am

    He is the the reason I am on brain medication. My master.

  • Matt 02.07.12 @ 4:36am

    HOOOOOLY karp, weird al.

    you are after my own heart 5sf.

  • Some Guy 02.07.12 @ 3:42am

    Weird Al!

  • Jess 02.07.12 @ 2:37am


    Should have… Sent a… Parody songwriter.

  • Mels Bells 02.07.12 @ 2:22am

    I forgive you for Ben’s giant head
    WEIRD AL RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kalvynevans 02.07.12 @ 12:54am

    That flaming pot is nowhere near a stove.

  • weird al is the man 02.07.12 @ 12:48am

    i’m so jealous.  i have a man-boner going.

  • Man Solo 02.07.12 @ 12:45am

    I LOVE how he delivers ‘CRAZY’.

    I just pissed my damn pants. Thank you, so much, you guys.

  • Fasc 02.07.12 @ 12:26am

    Well that was a wonderful way to end my night. Kudos getting another awesome cameo.

  • Spyco 02.07.12 @ 12:02am

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Finally, some Weird Al. This has made my day.

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