Cool Teacher-Parent Conference

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You only make cool tenure if you can hit a jukebox with your elbow and get it to start playing. Although these days, cutbacks are forcing cool teachers to perform the act on an iPod Touch, which has proven exceedingly difficult.


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  • Alan 12.02.11 @ 11:00pm

    My girlfriend brags that her son is in gifted classes.  She suspects they admit anyone who asks.  I KNOW they do.

  • zambo. 07.06.11 @ 9:38am


  • Alastor 07.06.11 @ 8:11am

    I found out you have to be a huge dick to pass the cool test.

  • alli110 07.06.11 @ 2:12am

    reminds of Brad Pitt in that cool movie.

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  • padurn 07.05.11 @ 4:53pm

    Maverick and Goose are masters of cool. They’re on the high end of the awesome curve.

  • John Devilman 07.05.11 @ 10:38am

    Very clever. 

  • B 07.05.11 @ 9:30am

    No more of these dweebs. Next time I see one, I’m going to him an Atomic Wedgie and stuff him in a locker.

  • Mike 07.05.11 @ 8:30am

    I wish Hunter S Thompson was my teacher

  • Umm 07.05.11 @ 4:16am

    Umm umm umm are you sure umm umm

  • Waramp 07.05.11 @ 1:13am

    Umm are you sure you don’t mean Johnny Depp?

  • DNA612189 07.05.11 @ 1:11am

    reminds of Brad Pitt in that cool movie.

  • d 07.05.11 @ 1:06am

    being uncool was so lame:(

  • Wererat2000 07.05.11 @ 12:03am

    childhood memories… returning… must… not… remember… uncoolness.

  • Womp 07.05.11 @ 12:02am

    put42 me in first…

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