Corporate Board Meeting

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The 99% picketing outside were swallowed up by a massive crack in the Earth, which secreted both scorching lava and sounds of moaning souls in equal measure. CNBC tried to be all even-handed about the reporting, which just made them sound lame in comparison to Fox News' "Wusses: Are They Even Wussier Today Than in the 50's?" coverage.


  • Man Solo 02.25.12 @ 12:30pm

    *that sexy look Kelsey gives, before Brian turns around.

  • Charlie_Wiseacre 01.08.12 @ 5:07pm

    There was actually an innocent explanation; on top of his facial disfigurement, Mr Mintley Dollarface suffered a laughing tic when asked questions, and being a kindly and beloved man by all, his staff laughed too so that he didn’t feel self- conscious. Unfortunately, Amos was a born again Christian pyrophobe who suffered paranoid hallucinations set off by his fear of group laughter.

  • Michael 01.08.12 @ 2:56am

    Im your ... ? What?

  • Enabsflow 01.07.12 @ 12:10am

    This film compliments the American Apparel and Lulu ads next to it quite well.

    And I agree with your mother backwards. Especially in THAT conference room.

  • Kalvyn Evans 01.06.12 @ 2:33pm

    I don’t believe that man has ever been to culinary school.

  • Thor-axe 01.06.12 @ 12:54pm

    Where’s the Illuminati reference? Common appease your conspiracy theory demograph!!! WE MADE YOU!!!  >:(

    just kidding

  • Hououin Kyouma 01.06.12 @ 12:11pm

    Do you know how many hands are gonna have the privilege of touching something that’s been in Brian’s mouth?

  • ibs2pid 01.06.12 @ 10:22am

    olivia’s cleavage seemed very interested with what was going on here.

  • rehtom ruoy 01.06.12 @ 9:31am

    hey congrats 5sf, I saw you referenced in Wired yesterday!

    o and nice vid. was kinda hoping the floor was still lava..

  • Njam! 01.06.12 @ 5:34am

    @ Jeremy: Not if it’s fresh off the prints!

  • fsjal 01.06.12 @ 5:23am

    Brian’s eating a money salad

  • Some Guy 01.06.12 @ 3:44am

    Subtle. Nice.

  • Jeremy 01.06.12 @ 1:46am

    Do you know how many hands touched that money you had in your mouth?

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